Gift wrap organizers – tis’ the season

Wrapping Paper Organizers to simplify the season.

The wrapping season is upon us.  I don't know about you, but I always start out wrapping with joy, however, after I've buried my scissors a few times, lost my pen, and cut a few sheets of wrapping paper just 1 inch too short, I'm usually over the "joy" of wrapping.  Add to that, the cumbersome process of hauling my wrapping supplies out and then putting them away each time, and I quickly shift from beautiful "Pinterest" packages to simple gift bags plumped with tissue paper.

One way to keep the joy is to set yourself up with well organized supplies that remain organized during the whole process of wrapping.

How do you wrap?

Do you prefer to wrap sitting on the floor? Do you stand at a counter or table when you wrap?  Do you sit on a stool or a chair? Regardless of your preferred wrapping method organized supplies will save your sanity.

WRapping Paper Organizer for holiday wrapping.

I know I'm biased, but...

Our wrapping paper cart is perfect for all types of wrappers. It's accessible from a chair or the floor, the individual basket/drawers pull all the way out, so if you're wrapping on a countertop the drawers can be pulled out and set on the countertop for easy access. Already have our Companion Cart? You can purchase the Wrapping Paper Apron separately.

Because the baskets are all the same size, it's easy to rotate the basket you need into an easy to reach position.

If you're standing, remove the tool tower from the cart and set it on your work surface, rotate the ribbon or bow basket to the top for easier access.

Barrel ribbon, regular ribbon and tags too!

Buddy Bags make great accessories to your gift wrap organization.  One of my favorites in the Shelly Buddy Bag for small barrel ribbons.  These little ribbons tend to bounce around and get lost or crushed.  When you line them all up in a Shelly Buddy Bag, you can pull their ends through the Velcro closure and Voila - you've got a barrel ribbon dispenser.

Regular ribbon corrals easily in either the Edna Buddy Bag or the Clearly Organized Divider Trays.

The Edna Buddy Bag is a good solution for keeping ribbons together by holiday or season.

The Divider trays are a must have for keeping your cart organized.  1 set of them is included with each cart.

Tags and bags

Gift bags come in all sizes and shapes.  Store them by holiday, or event - birthday, baby, wedding - in a Jumbo Fab File.  Have smaller bags? Try the 8.5x11 Fab File.

Do you have a collection of small gift tags that seem to always disappear into the bottom of your under the bed gift wrap box?  The Dawn Buddy bag is an easy solution for keeping your small gift tags organized - and card confetti too.

Wrap Slaps

Keep your wrap rolled with our Wrap Slaps.  These silicone bands "slap" onto your rolls of wrapping paper and eliminate the need for tape.

Do you use a tape runner when you wrap?

It's soooo much easier than tape and your packages will look better too!

Fold over the edges of your wrapping paper, put a stripe of adhesive along the edge and you've got a beautiful finish.

I use the cheap tape runners from the dollar store, or buy them online from Darice, who seems to have the best price.

Are you wrapping with washi?

As you know, I have a washi tape ADDICTION!!!

I try to use washi take whenever, wherever I can.  If you purchase "plain" wrapping paper, you can use your washi to create some really beautiful and/or fun packages.

Speaking for the dollar store...

If you love creating amazing packages, but don't like spending the big bucks on something that will be thrown away, check out the gift wrap section of your local dollar store. They have great buys on wrapping supplies, your packages will look amazing, and so will your bank account.  Here are just a few of the things I picked up for this year's holiday wrapping.

I love to tie things into the ribbons on my packages.  The big red jingle bells and glittery silver stars will be a fun addition to the bows I'll tie with the wide, glitter tulle.

Foil confetti is always fun.  I'm going to use this to try and create a "shaker" look on the top of a small gift box.  I'll probably sprinkle it into a few gifts too.

Thanks for stopping by today.  I hope your gift wrapping season is beautiful, bright and well organized!

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