What can Edna do for you?

We'll, she's not going to deliver packages to your door like "brown," but once they arrive she's the girl you need.

Edna came into being for the purpose of organizing the hoards of ribbon we sometimes accumulate, but she, like so many of the other EZ2O Buddy Bags, is very versatile.

Here's a quick video about a few of the things Edna can help you organize - and these are just in your craft room.

What can Edna hold?

Small Bottles – up to 30
Bigger Bottles – up to 24
Glitter Bead vials – up to 40
Ribbon - up to 20 rolls
Tim Holtz Distress Inks - 19
Nuvo Embellishment Paste - 9
Tape Runners - 12

Our Edna Buddy Bag is on "Buy More - Save More Special" through March 26, 2017.  Learn More or Shop Now.

Are you using our Edna Buddy Bag for something else? We'd love to hear, know, SEE how you're using your buddy bags. Please do leave a comment below so we can share your ideas with others.  You can always send us a picture too!! We love pictures - CustomerService@Totally-Tiffany.com.

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The Edna Buddy Bag is on Buy More - Save More Special this week (March 20-26, 2017) - Shop for yours now.

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