Tip 3 from GOC #3 – Create Something.

Take a minute and create something.

One way to reinforce that you are doing the right thing is to reap the benefits of your work. You've organized some paper. In a day or two you will have organized some embellishments. Sit down and create something using the supplies you've organized. Creating something will reinforce the work you've done and motivate you to keep moving forward. It doesn't have to be anything major - create a placemat to celebrate a family member, create a thank you card and send it out on "Thankful Thursday", or just add an "I Love You" sticker to someone's coffee cup or lunch bag.

Thank you card - made during container crafting video.

Keep it simple. The goal is to produce something - not to create the most amazing thing ever.  Try to keep this tiny project under 20 minutes.

Let me know what you've done.

Haven't watched the GOC 3 Class - visit the GOC page and watch it now.

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