Tip 4 from GOC #3 – Write a mental note

It might sound ridiculous, but writing a mental note really works!

Writing a mental note can really help you find what you're looking for.

Your brain works on patterns.  The more you can reinforce those patterns, the more successful your brain will be at retrieving the information you need.

When you're sorting and organizing your supplies, write mental notes about where you put things.  This a very simple process of "thinking" about things as you put them away.  During class I gave the example of putting "Stars" into your "shapes" section in your 4 Section System.

As you put your "Stars" away, think about all the places you might use stars - Birthday, Celebration, 4th of July, camping...Now, reinforce the mental note by saying to yourself, either out loud or internally, "I'm storing my star shapes in the shapes category. Stars are great for birthdays, celebrations, 4th of July, and camping."  Mental note written and underlined!

This works for anything.  Try it the next time you set your keys down.

Leave a comment below and let me know how it works out.

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  1. Dear Tiffany and Karen and everybody! Loving my organizing…yet always have a little clutter in the work station….the new shelf cart you are designing…could have a flip out drawer for tools. A coffeee cupholder, and phone holder. Thanks!

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