Tip 29 – Consider the dark in the room.

The most important thing about the color of your room is how it makes you feel.

The second most import thing - how the color in your room  makes everything else "look."

I have a close friend named Lori.  She dreamed of having a beautiful craft room with red walls and leopard print furnishings.  When she went off on a business trip for 4 days, her husband took vacation from work, painted her room, added a leopard chaise lounge and a huge bouquet of roses - and voila! Lori's dream room was done.  (He also planted the hillside outside their bedroom window with wildflowers - but that's another story.)

Lori returned home to the amazing room, thrilled with the beautiful result and completely overwhelmed with gratitude for her husband.

6 weeks later I called her to see if she had time to meet for lunch.  "I can't," she said, "I'm painting my craft room."

"WHAT?" I said in dismay, I couldn't believe what I was hearing - "I thought you loved your new room."

"It was beautiful,"  she said, "but as soon as I got into the room my blood pressure went up, I got a little angry and stressed out. As if that wasn't enough, the lights reflecting off the red walls turned everything a little bit pink.  So now I'm going with a nice neutral beige.  Warm and relaxing - and it will still look great with the leopard."

leopard chaise

The moral of this story?
Be careful what you wish for? ....No.

Spend a little time in your space considering how you want to feel when you're there - calm and relaxed, happy and energized, productive and passionate - then pick a color that makes you feel that way.

Consider the light in the room - how will the color affect it?

Consider the dark in the room - do you need to use a light color to brighten up a dark room and make things more visible?

All good things to consider when creating your space.

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