Tip 14 – Visibility is everything!

If you've attended any of my classes, watched videos or read other posts, you know that I try to keep things together in patterns that our brains recognize.  One of those patterns - the rainbow.

One place the rainbow gets used regularly is in our closets.  It's fairly easy to keep things organized by color, and maybe sleeve length.  I do want to share this one tip with you - it's the odd time that I'm going to tell you to Mix it Up!!

Being able to "see" what you've got is important for your craft supplies and in your closet, too!  When it comes to clothing that is black or white, everything seems to blend together.  My suggestion - alternate black and white in your closet, so each piece of clothing will stand out.

The whites and blacks sort of "blob" up, especially the blacks.

Alternate black and white to "see" more of what you've got.

What tricks do you use to keep your closet organized?  Please share your ideas in the comment box below.

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  1. I use a five tier trouser hanger. I attach shower curtain rings to the tiers and hook my tank tops or bras to it.

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