Tip 10 – Have a plan and the products to go with it

One of the reasons, maybe the biggest reason things "pile up" is because we don't have everything we need to properly put them away when they arrive in our homes.

If you bring a bag home from the grocery store, you know where everything goes.  Presumably you have a freezer for ice cream, which is the proper storage method for frozen food, but if you didn't, your ice cream would melt and you would have wasted your money.

Try to apply that same idea to other areas of your home, regardless of the size or type of items you are bringing in.  If you have school aged children, or you love to travel, you probably have mementos.  But do you have a place set aside/storage tool available for properly storing those items?

If you can set aside some space for storing those items -whether it is in a file cabinet, in a Jumbo Fab File , or in a Memento Keeper - it will be much easier to put things away, keep your space neat, and be able to find things when you need/want them.

I worked with my girlfriend Barb last week to get her Mementos organized.  It was simple because we had the right tools.  Not only are her mementos better organized, they're better protected AND shareable.

Make staying organized easy by keeping a few storage/organization products available.  If it's easy, it will get done.

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