Take a look around my studio #3 – The shelf over my desk and the wall beneath it.

I had my husband add a long shelf above the desk - it's perfect for things that I am using all time. I generally have an open space on the shelf for “paperwork” and project tracking. This allows me to pull down 1 project at a time. I’m able to focus better when there aren’t multiple piles in front of me.

The shelf space can also be used for craft supplies or “pieces” of a project that I’m working on that might need to “dry” before I add them to a card or page.

You can see the basic line up – some office supplies, some crafting supplies, and some things that are just cute and fun.  I'm sure this shelf will evolve quite a bit as I put my room back together, but right now I'm loving the extra space.

I’ve got a “Family Timeline” wire suspended just below the shelf. I used picture hanging wire and clips from IKEA to create the Time Line. It’s really fun, and definitely helpful when I’m scrapping things that happened in the past. We’ll talk more about the Family Timeline during challenges #6 Photos & #7 Mementos. (Learn more about the Get Organized Challenge.)

On the wall behind the timeline I’ve added hooks for all 3 sizes of our Rotating Design Boards. It’s handy to have all 3 sizes at my fingertips – whether I’m working on a small element or a 12x12 page, I can easily get to whichever board I need.  (Learn more about Rotating Design Boards.)

Here's a little tip for hanging your RDBs.

Each RDB has a hole in the bottom board that's perfect for hanging, but it's hard to know where the hole is.  I just used a piece of washi tape to mark the location of the hole, so now it's easy to hang every time.

As usual, my focus here is accessibility.  When it's easy to see my tools and I can grab them with just one hand, I'm far more likely to use them.

Thanks for stopping by to see what's happening in my studio.  Please feel free to share your comments and questions in the comment box below.  If you love our products and you have crafty friends, we always appreciate your referrals!

Happy Crafting,

Totally-Tiffany initial - get organized with me.


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