The Great Ribbon Round Up is on!!!!

If you've got your spools or ribbons dumped into a drawer, box, bin or tote now is the time to get them organized and accessible.  You'll use them so much more often!

The Edna Buddy Bag is ideal for ribbon.  The perfect length to fit on most shelves, easy to take with you to your work station or craft event.

Follow these easy steps and your ribbon will be organized in no time, with a little help from Edna of course.

Organize ribbon in the Edna bag
  1. Gather your ribbon together.
  2. Sort it by Theme, Holiday, or Color.
  3. Fill Edna buddy bags
  4. Label each bag - at the end above the ribbon pull.
  5. Store on shelf, in a drawer or tote.
Label organized Ribbon buddy bags on the end

Once your ribbons are organized by Theme, Holiday and Color you can easily store them in a variety of places where they will be more accessible.

I've got mine on a narrow shelf...

Ribbon organization, edna bag

They're easy to pull off the shelf and use in my craft space, or I can easily drop them into my Crop Crate or Laura Bag if I'm going to an event.

Organize ribbon using crop crate or laura bag

Imagine being able to pull out just the ribbon you need.  It's so simple with the Edna Buddy Bag.  Even if all of your Edna bags are in a large plastic tote, stand them up vertically, label the top and you'll have easy access to all of your ribbon.

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