Stephanie Barnard mini inks and blending pads.

Full disclosure, as many of you already know, Stephanie B and I are besties!!! With that being said, I also honestly LOVE her juicy ink pads.  Last week I got an email from a Tiffanista named Robin asking about storing her mini ink pads and blending pads.  Robin asked about a new buddy bag, I thought this was a great idea and at Robin's suggestion I had planned to name this new bag, you guessed it, Stephanie.

As I started working through the process and gathering information about how the blending pads are used, I thought - "Hey, we already have a bag for these." (Sorry Stephanie, I'll have to come up with another bag for you.)

The Teresa Buddy Bag is the perfect bag to hold 1 color collection (6 ink pads in a collection) of Stephanie's mini ink pads, the blending pads for each color AND the blender4ink handle too!

The Teresa Buddy Bag, like all our buddy bags has a clear plastic tray. Your blending pads will tuck easily and securely between the tray and the bag.  Strangely, the ink doesn't seem to come off on the vinyl bag.  I was able to rub the pad and get ink on my fingers, but it wasn't on the bag.  Even if it did get on the bag, you could easily wipe the bag to clean it up. The Teresa Buddy Bag closes tightly and everything stays in place.

Tuck your blender4ink handle into the end of the bag.  You'll have everything you need in one nice, neat bundle.
Thanks for stopping by to learn a bit about organizing Stephanie's mini ink pads.

Happy Crafting,

Stephanie and I recently travelled to China together.  Here's a few snapshots from our trip.  We did get to spend one day at Hong Kong Disney.  It was a great trip!

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    • I’m the Robin she is talking about!!!!!! I bring Stephanie a diet coke before her classes at Mesa Expo!!! Thanks for mentioning me!!!!!!

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