ScrapRack Testimonials


Thanks Tiffany -  I LOVE this product line (ScrapRack) and the videos you create. It has completely changed how I craft. I had stuff everywhere in my house, and when I would attempt to scrapbook, I'd just get frustrated because I didn't have what I needed or wanted. I probably did - but it was hidden in drawers and behind books, you know... so, this is awesome. I sit down or stand now and it's so fast and easy. I am in Illinois so I KNOW snow, I hope you all stay safe and warm. Thank you again. - Jennifer, IL,  2-9-2019


I wanted to tell you how much I love my ScrapRack! When I go to crops, especially long weekend retreats, I am so productive! I see my neighbors doing the “Dig and Search” dance with the lyrics “I know I have…or I know I bought…” The ScrapRack is an invaluable organizational tool for me and I’m always recommending it as a “must have” for scrapbooking! I have friends who have purchased The ScrapRack as a result.
Thank you for inventing this great product. Most importantly, thank you for providing the step by step instructions of the organizational system that goes along with it! It’s truly awesome!
– Cecilia


I have the ScrapRack and the wingless addition. It took some time to get all the organizing done, but WOW, I can find whatever I need. I also put the few iron on patches for sewing in the proper category and when my Great granddaughter needed a knee patched on her jeans I just went to the flower section, got a butterfly iron on and had the project done. I love the system. I also purchased some of the side opening pages, and made one for each member of my family and file items or pictures in these as I find them. Thanks again for such a great organization tool. – Marcy