Why you need a Scraprack – Those boxes and bags aren’t going to put themselves away.

Do you have bags from your local craft store, boxes from your favorite shopping channel or online retailer, tucked into a corner or the closet of your craft room?

One of the biggest reasons new stuff doesn't get put away - you're not sure where to put it.  If the decision about where to put you're new stuff or the amount of time it's going to take to put it there,  prevents you from putting things away, YOU need a ScrapRack!

When your supplies are organized in a ScrapRack, you know exactly where to put new things away.  That beautiful new collection of Christmas embellishments will easily slide into the Winter Section. Those new pink brads and eyelets, will get added to the rainbow section - it's just that simple.

Don't let your supplies pile up in the corner.  Get your ScrapRack organized into the 4 section system and you'll be using your supplies, instead of losing your supplies.

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