Easy scrapbook album storage solution

12x12 Scrapbook storage box

My mom, as most of you already know, is; super crafty, a successful author, an amazing mother, a crazy fun grandmother, and also...a neat freak.  For those of you who follow astrology, she is a Virgo to the core.  Without a doubt she is the inspiration for my love of organization.

A couple of weeks ago our warehouse manager came into my office with an invoice from our website for a couple of dozen Fab File Album Boxes.  She handed me the invoice and said – “Isn’t this your mom?”

Sure enough, there in bold print was my mother’s name and address.  “Yes,” I said, “that’s her.”

“Do you always make her pay full price?” Brandy asked.

“Usually I charge her double.” I said, “As a kid I did a lot of chores and this is how I retaliate.”

An expression of shock passed quickly over Brandy’s face before she realized I was just teasing.

“Go ahead and ship them out, I’ll call her.”

I dialed my mom.

“Hey mom, what’s going on down there, are you having an album fest?”

“Kind of, I was going through emails last night and I saw the email you sent out about album storage boxes. Just yesterday I was trying to find the album from our family reunion, so I could show something to your brother. I had to pull 5 or 6 of those heavy albums off the shelf and open them to know which was which.  Not only are they heavy, they’re difficult to hang onto, they get dusty, and anything that I’ve “tucked” inside of them falls out when I pull them off the shelf.”

When I saw the email, I thought – “Voil’a, there’s the solution!”

“So I clicked on the shop now button and ordered what I thought I needed, plus a few extra for storing fabric.”

Full disclosure, my mom is also an avid quilter.  She’s found a way to use many of our products - from the Craft Binder (quilting on the road) to the Sue Buddy Bag (Fat Quarters by color) - for quilting supply organization and storage.

“I can’t wait until they get here. When will they ship out?” she asked.

“They’re shipping today. Let me know how you like them once you get them set up. Do you have the coupon code I created for you?”

“The code is around somewhere, I’ll try to remember to use it next time.”

About a week later my phone started blowing up, it was around midnight – did I mention my mother doesn’t sleep? 

Bing, Bing, Bing…I reached for the phone, there was a barrage of messages from my mom –

“These are perfect!”

“Here’s some before pics”

Scrapbook Album Storage Box by Totally-Tiffany, 12x12
12x12 Scrapbook & Album Storage by Totally-Tiffany

“Here’s the after of the album shelves.”

Scrapbook Album Storage Box by Totally-Tiffany

Visible, accessible and EASY.

Stop struggling to find the album you're looking for.  Put your albums into our Album Storage Fab Files - there are 2 sizes, 1 for 3-ring style albums and 1 for strap hinge style albums.

Thanks for popping by today to see how my mom tidied up her shelves with our Album Storage Fab Files.

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