Vertical Double Pages – 10pk

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One of our top selling page styles.

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Vertical Double Pages

The Vertical Double pages are ideal for borders and alphabet sticker sheets, especially dimensional stickers like “Thickers.”

Our storage pages are unique in the Scrapbooking world because they are actually slightly larger than 12″x12″. This means that you can easily fit papers and stickers into each of the appropriate pockets. Each of the pockets on the Basic Storage Pages has a crescent cut flap. This flap makes retrieving your items easy. If you’re working at home, tuck the flap behind the products. If you’re traveling, pull the flap over the top of the products to keep them safely tucked in their pockets. Our pages are made with a super strong food grade plastic. This plastic allows us to create a page that is lightweight but still offers maximum durability.

ScrapRack pages are acid free and will not yellow.

This page has 2 long pockets.; 6″ wide by 12″ long.

10 pages per pack

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17 reviews for Vertical Double Pages – 10pk

  1. Cindy Asselstine

    Fantastic! The openings allow lots of space to put your embellishments in and are really roomy to add more then one in each tab. Fantastic price and great organizing tool for my scrapbook embellishments. Highly recommended for all scrapbookers and crafters alike. This review is from – Read it here.


    I used these pages so often. they worked great for the long sheets of bling designs, for long sticker sheets, for borders etc.

  3. Jill

    I went through these so fast, they are perfect for the long sticker sheets, chipboard embellishment sheets and alphabets. I was able to easily put two sheets of embellishments back to back in each pocket, this gave the page quite of bit of stability. If you are a sizzix user with half sheets of paper, love Simple Stories, graphic 45 embellishments, Bo bunny, Thicker alphabets these are must to add to your collection.

  4. lauralou486 (verified owner)

    These are a must when loading your ScrapRack!! I love that I can put 2 sheets of stickers back to back in each pocket. I ordered 2 packages this time because I went through the 1st package so quickly!

  5. Faye Thompson (verified owner)

    I love these vertical doubles. They are perfect for my supplies.

  6. sheila

    These pages are perfect for Alphabets and the long stickers like the old Creative Memories ones. I also have a lot of those in this year stickers and those fit perfectly as well.

  7. Vicki Turner (verified owner)

    I have ordered sleeves now for the third time! Didn’t know I had so much! Will be going to a crop this weekend and am excited to use this great system!

  8. Robin M. (verified owner)

    I love the that these pockets are vertical so whatever I drop down in them doesn’t fall out. They are so versatile and hold up well.

  9. Monica Willis (verified owner)

    Originally this was one of my least favorite pages. What to put in here? ALOT!!! It holds anything 6×12. Cardstock stickers, paper stickers, Paper & so much more. I bought another 10 pack just to be on the safe side. It really does hold a lot & there is no saggy heaviness from whatever is in there.

  10. Susan Gage (verified owner)

    I use these pages a lot. They are great for things that come in long packages or even may be a little wider. I have used many of these pages in my scrap rack.

  11. Shirley Avalos (verified owner)

    Love these pages for border stickers and bling.

  12. Carolyn Soltas (verified owner)

    Got my pages for Kiwi Lane borders. I put bright colored card stock behind them so I can them easier. Works great!

    • Tiffany Spaulding

      Great idea!!! Those white templates all blend into one big white blob. Thanks for sharing!! Tif

  13. rhondahasler1555 (verified owner)

    Love this one its my favorite so far. I am just getting started putting my ScrapRack together. I am super excited seeing it come together. It is ALOT of work to go through but I think the end result will be worth it based on the others I have seen showing theirs.

  14. Kristin Christenson

    I find this page fits a lot of alphabet sticker sheets.

  15. Tina G. (verified owner)

    The Vertical Double are great! I do love the fact that they are vertical, so there is no concern about items falling out. They work perfect for paper scraps and sticker sheets. They are wonderful for title toppers or pre-cut page designs. They are also useful,if you put layout ideas in your Scrap Rack.

  16. Dorinda Turner (verified owner)

    I am loving these pages for my stickers. Now I can finally see what I have instead of digging through everything.

  17. lauralou486 (verified owner)

    I think the TT Vertical Double pages are one of my favorite configurations. They are fabulous for my letter stickers!

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