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Travel ScrapRack Base & Wings

If you like to take a ScrapRack with you for travel, crops, or retreats, having a spare Rack will make things easier.  No reason to dismantle your ScrapRack at home.  Just grab your Travel ScrapRack and the spinders you need.  You’ll be packed up and ready to go in no time.
Use our Craft Crate to transport your ScrapRack to and from crafting events.  You can use the lid of the Craft Crate as a table for holding your Travel ScrapRack and you’ll have all of your supplies sitting right next to you, within easy reach, but NOT cluttering up the workspace on your crop table.
 This is just a ScrapRack base and wings – NO SPINDERS INCLUDED
SKU: B36-SRTRV-3515

2 reviews for Travel ScrapRack


    A travel Scraprack is such a smart idea. I have an extra Scraprack just for going to crops. As Tiffany suggests in her video, I take the Scraprack and some filled spinders in a rolling tote. (Quick & easy!!!:) Which filled themed or rainbow spinders I take, depends on which photos I will be working on at the crop. I take one other tote with paper and other essentials, plus I take my filled Totally Tiffany Ditto organizer. to my crops. Since I have been Tiffanized , (organized the Tiffany way) I am actually taking more to a crop , but it looks like less, feels like less because it sets up quickly once I am there, and is organized in a efficient way….(because of the Scraprack and Totally tiffany storage items). Taking less to a crop is do-able too, but I choose to take more because it is so easy to do so and I have what I need ,right there at my crop with me.. One of the perks of taking my Scraprack to a crop is, when I get home, it is quick and easy to just put the spinders back on the Scraprack and Store away the extra travel Scraprack for the next crop. It used to take me so long to pack , unpack and put things away after a crop, now with the Scraprack and Totally Tiffany’s product it is a much quicker process. I am so pleased!!!

  2. Pamela Phillips (verified owner)

    I can’t wait to use this at retreats! It will be so handy and keep me organized with the projects I’m going to work on.

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