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Organize Wood Stamps, Punches, Ink pads and more

Now available at  your local Hobby Lobby.

Imagine being able to store organize wood stamps or small* punches vertically – like a library.  The Stamp & Punch Store & Go bag is designed just for that.

Slide out the 8.5″x11″ tray, load it with stamps or punches, slide the tray back into the clear vinyl bag and you’re set. Label the bag on the top or side.  Simple!  The vinyl bag is just tight enough to not allow anything to fall out of place.  You will be amazed at how many stamps and punches you can fit into a small space when you’re storing them vertically in these bags!  Your stamps and punches will finally be clearly visible and easily accessible.

*Need something for bigger punches?   Click here to see our larger size Punch Packs 

A couple of tips:

  • Once you’ve filled the tray, slide it into the vinyl bag “backwards” (with the bag’s flap closing onto the back side of the tray).  Place the clear vinyl side onto your copier or scanner and make a print of the contents.  Put the printed photocopy into the bottom of the tray.  Now you have an index reference to show where items belong.
  • Watch Tiffany’s classes on organizing stamps and punches.  Click here for WOOD STAMPS or click here for PUNCHES

What about your Misti or other stamping too?  YES, it will fit in this bag.  There’s even enough room for your stamp cleaner.  Click on the More Photos tab below to see more.

Interior tray is 8.5″ x 11″
Overall dimensions are 9.5″ x 11.5″ x 1.25″

SKU: A38
UPC: 855556000383

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22 reviews for 1″ Stamp & Punch Store & Go

  1. Beth 238

    I am ordering more of these. I love the way they store my wooden stamps, the see thru style makes it easy to find what you want, and they store very conveniently and fitting in my Ikea shelf. What was taking up two drawers and having to move three layers to find what stamp I wanted I can now find in a quick peek at the packaging. And my stamp collection is now only taking one cube in my shelving unit.
    Love, love, love these. Highly recommend them. This review is from Scrapbook.com – Read it here.

  2. loislynn49@hotmail.com

    I have 6 of these Punch n go bags. They work out great for my large collection of punches. The see thru plastic case makes it easy to see what you have inside the bag. I have mine stored upright in a storage cube.(with a label on the edge of it) I have many different sizes of punches stored in these bags. I even have some of the “Whale of a punch” size punches stored in this bag.

  3. Cmcdljensen@verizon.net

    This is the perfect storage for my Pearl-ex powders and Heartfelt Creations prills. Just slide the tray out to access whatever I need. I plan to order the 2 inch deep for my embossing powders. It’s much easier than all the little boxes I was using.

  4. Dayna Fisher (verified owner)

    This is a great product. I actually won my first one at a party. Just ordered another one. I keep all of my sentiment dies in it on magnetic sheets. Now I can easily find them in one spot right next to my big shot.

  5. Mary (verified owner)

    Just exactly what I needed. Now my punches hang on the wall and I don’t forget about them.

  6. Sandra

    love these bags. I use some for stamp storage and some for punch storage as well for storing my distress markers.

  7. allisathompson@sbcglobal.net

    I bought them to store my stamps, but the fit was a little awkward (too much wasted space). Now, I use them to store my extra acrylic blocks. it’s nice to be able to pull them out without having to dig through a basket.

  8. Jayne (verified owner)

    I love these for stamps! But for big punches and border punches, you can only get 4 or so punches in each. A lot of wasted space. But for stamps I felt they were perfect. My wooden stamps are now all organized and I’ve cataloged them. So much easier to use now.

  9. trudiebusse

    Love these so much I’ve ordered them 3 times, all sizes (HSN & Tiffany’s)! Can easily add to your stash and still know where everything is. It’s all in one place and stores nice horizontal or vertical on a shelf. The copying trick works like a charm and is so helpful. I love the grab and go for crafting events with the easy pull out access to the product. Thanks to a previous review with a wonderful idea of the pearl ex and embossing powders I can now get them all together. What an exciting and clever product! Next to the scraprack this has to be my favorite. Thank you for creating this!

  10. Joan Buchman (verified owner)

    I have all my wood mounted stamps in these and I love it. Tiffany’s idea of filling in the trays completely with all sizes of stamps like a puzzle makes efficient use of the space. Since I have more drawer space than shelf space, I can put two of these in a drawer. All my stamps fit into half as many drawers as before.

  11. Joan Buchman (verified owner)

    These are the greatest. I have all my wood mounted stamps in these. By mixing sizes, there is efficient use of the space.

  12. Diana Darrow (verified owner)

    These containers are great . I have several. Same theme together…Birthday, sympathy, sick, etc. ….
    My only complaint is the Velcro closure is not strong enough and could be bigger. Other than that great idea.

  13. Sandy (verified owner)

    I have punches in this and the convenience is amazing but saw a reviewer who uses them for washing tape. Would not have thought of that. Back to the order area for more.

  14. Karenbeatrice Porcher (verified owner)

    The Stamp and Punch Store and go is a necessity for anyone with mounted stamps. This product is in my Top 10 best craft purchases! No reason to take ones stamps off of the wood any more. Tiffany’s product solves the space problem. The material of the cases is very durable and great for easy clean up. The velcro is strong. The double stamp storage works best for me but I have singles as well. The stamp system can be altered to what best suits you but one should definitely use the system of photo copying the stamps. Theses cases are great for people with both large and small craft space, but especially people in cities with very limited space such as NYC. This product is a huge space saver! I thought my stamps were well sorted until I purchased Tiffany’s Stamp Storage. Now I have 2 extra shelves and a nicely organized binder of stamps which I now take with me to craft shows so I don’t make duplicate purchases. I can easily make cards because now I know where everything is. If you cant see it you cant use it. If you have 10 or 1,000 stamps this item is a “must have”. It will make crafting a joy. My bonus tip: The Monica bags are great additions for inks and dies that you use with your stamps. Mine store right in front of my Stamp and Store bags nice and neat. Thank you Tiffany for such great products!

  15. Misty Shupe (verified owner)

    Love these bags. They are a great way to store my stamps. Will order more as my collection increases.

  16. Marylin (verified owner)

    Doing the organization of Woodies, these Stamp n Go containers are perfect. Can grab the correct one for the card/page I am working on. Love you can see through it and the tray makes this better for me than a stamp case.

  17. juliaom (verified owner)

    I have too many wood stamps and punches for this, BUT I use it to store my medium Misti and small MS score board, easy to carry them together. Wish the velcro was longer. Just bought a second one, to hold my Clip and Create Rotating Design Board for crops. I love that thing. These bags are great size for all kinds of scrap artsy stuff.

  18. Patricia Underwood (verified owner)

    I bought the 1” stamp and storage bag for my small punches. I have the 2” one for my bigger punches. Love these bags

  19. Laura DeLong (verified owner)

    This is an excellent option for storing many things effectively. My punches, glue guns, and stamp blocks are both more accessible and taking up much less space in these bags.

  20. midge gravelese (verified owner)

    I bought each of my grandchildren one of these to carry on an airplane with their crayons, markers, books etc. Nothing worse than rolling crayons on the floor while flying!

  21. Debbie (verified owner)

    I love the quality of TT products. I purchased this to hold my over sized Kiwi lane Templates, Rings and Lacey Trims. It’s awesome. It allows plenty of room to grow.. 🙂

  22. Paula

    I use the 1″ one to store my ATG 714 adhesive gun. When I transported it loose before, the tape would break every time. Now it never does. It also will hold numerous spare tapes at the same time.

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