Stamp Pockets, Dies, Stencils – Variety Pack

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Clear pockets for dies, stamps, and stencils

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Stamp Pockets for dies & stencils too – Variety Pack

Stamp pockets are an easy way to organize stamps and  your thin metal dies, and stencils too.  You’ll love these for your small sets of Kiwi Lane templates too.   Keep dies and stamps together in 1 pocket.

Learn more about uses for our Stamp & Die pockets – read Tiffany’s blog post – 8 Ways to use our die & stamp pockets.

36 pockets – 12 each of 3 different sizes:

Small – 3.5″T x 3″W (9cm x 7.5cm)

Medium – 5″T x 4.5″W (11.5cm x 12cm)

Large – 6.5″T x 6.75″W (16cm x 17cm)

Also available in individual packs of 25 by size:  Small, Medium, Large

Need help getting your dies, stamps or stencils organized?  Visit our Pinterest Boards.

SKU:  PKVP-6703

Using the Die & Stamp Pockets makes organizing your thin metal dies and unmounted/acrylic stamps. Keep all the pieces to your sets together in one pocket. The clear pouch makes it easy to see what is in each set. The fold-closed top tucks into the pocket keeping contents secure from dust and loss.

Stencils and templates can be tough to store because they get caught up on each other. By organizing them into the Die & Stamp Pockets, all the edges of your delicate stencils and templates are protected. Flip through your supplies to find what you want, then easily pull them out without any harm. Putting them back is just as easy.

The Die & Stamp Pockets work perfectly in our Die, Stamp & Supply Organizer.

6 reviews for Stamp Pockets, Dies, Stencils – Variety Pack

  1. Deborah Isaac (verified owner)

    I really like these as I keep stamps,dies in and small items in like bows etc…

  2. Sharyl Doxey (verified owner)

    Use mine for many different sized items. Love the variety of sizes!

  3. Sherri Moore (verified owner)

    Love the variety pack. I have found a use for each of the sizes.

  4. Marcia laBossiere (verified owner)

    I love these, I only wish I purchased more of them. I found a use for all the sizes and now know what size I need to order next.

  5. Laura DeLong (verified owner)

    These pockets are very helpful in standardizing the sizes of a variety of items for storage.

  6. Pamela Phillips (verified owner)

    Buttons! Beads! Bows! Oh my!

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