ScrapRack Dust Cover

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ScrapRack Dust Cover

Protect your supplies from sunlight, dust, moisture, and dirt with the ScrapRack Dust Cover.  One Dust Cover will cover and drape over one full base unit with wings, or will stretch across a double base and wings (will not drape over the ends).

This lightweight cover has small magnets sewn into the hem.  By placing the magnets against the back panel of the ScrapRack, your cover will stay put.  When using your supplies, lift the cover and tuck it above your spinders.  When you’re done, pull the cover back over your supplies and it will easily fall back into place.

The Dust Cover is black, made of a lightweight water-repellent and wrinkle-resistant material, with the pink ScrapRack logo embroidered onto the front.

Dimensions: 34″ x 46″

SKU: A28

UPC: 855556000284

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12 reviews for ScrapRack Dust Cover

  1. wanderersinger

    Great to protect your scrap supplies from sunlight, dust & pet hair. I have two of these over my 4 ScrapRack bases and love the easy access. This review is from – Read it here.

  2. Lori

    It’s nothing fancy, but it’s sturdy, pretty, and it does the job for which it’s intended. I like having all my crafty goodness protected from light, dust, and dog hair.

  3. Cheryl (verified owner)

    The finishing touch! A nice cover over all the things in my ScrapRack that have come out of bags that were here there and everywhere!

  4. soosun500 (verified owner)

    I took a chance on this product and really like it. It looks nice. More importantly, it doesn’t take long for dust to collect , and it can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. It is lightweight and attractive.

  5. (verified owner)

    I really am pleased with this purchase, and I wasn’t sure I would be. It’s big enough to cover all of the scraprack and still has enough cover hanging over the sides for me to slip my Cuttlebug up under the wing.

  6. Melissa Graham (verified owner)

    Have you seen my house? My ScrapRack is the only dustless item in it! I love the magnets which hold it in place, so when I hurry off to take the burning pan off of the stove, I can be sure that the dust cover I have flung back over my ScrapRack will fall back into place instead of onto the floor.

  7. trudiebusse (verified owner)

    I saw this and knew I needed this! It is a perfect solution for my scrap-rack. My craft room is full of sunlight and a lot of dust so, now it’s dust and fade free for my products. It’s pretty, neat slick and clean design in the TT fashion! Thanks for another great product and solution. Love the magnets!

  8. dreamer1327 (verified owner)

    Love the Dust Cover! I had put off getting the Scraprack system when I first saw it because I knew that in my craft room the sunlight would fade everything it touched and it would be covered in dust. After watching Tiffany’s videos on YouTube and seeing the Dust Cover I purchased two Scraprack base units sets from HSN. The magnets in the cover do a great job of holding it in place even when a cat decides to jump on top of it. And it’s easy to just fling the cover over to the back of the units to access the Scraprack. I did buy two covers for my two base units because I wanted to make sure everything is covered and they work great with lots of extra overhang. Thank you Tiffany for making such a great product and giving us the videos and info on how to organize everything into a system that actually works!!!

  9. d1rus (verified owner)

    I really like the dust cover…… I have 2 units and it ALMOST fits over both. I think I will order another one so I will have everything covered for sure. It is a very simple cover – but very effective.

  10. Laura DeLong (verified owner)

    I appreciate this accessory. It is an ideal tool for further protecting crafting supplies.

  11. mazapple (verified owner)

    Gets the job done! Simple but protects my investment (single ScrapRack and contents) from dust and sunlight!

  12. Rosemary Napolitan

    Just beginning to put mine together but I love the organization and easy access . Going to load mine with a friend next month so ordering an extra cover for the two extensions I have.

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