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The ScrapRack Spinder is an industrial strength 3-ring mechanism that fits all standard 3-hole punched products.  The Spinders adhere to the ScrapRack base unit, Craft Binder or Spinder Binder with a commercial grade velcro.

Each ScrapRack base unit can accommodate up to 8 Spinders.

Craft Binders will hold up to 3 Spinders.

Spinder Binders will hold 1 Spinder.

Each Spinder will hold between 20-40 filled ScrapRack storage pages.

The Spinder ring is 1.5″.

If you need more than one Spinder, the 4-pack is a better deal.  Click here to see it.

SKU: A21

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SKU: A21

5 reviews for Spinder

  1. shanslp@msn.com (verified owner)

    Love the concept!!! I have had a little trouble keeping them on the velcro, but that could be that I have too much on. I still love them!

  2. michslp@rochester.rr.com (verified owner)

    I needed a few extra to fill up my 2 scrap rack system. I have also used them with 8.5 x 11 page sleeves and I keep all of my ideas and organization plans together!

  3. Kristin Christenson

    Great product with a funny name! I use my spinders in many different ways. I of course use them in my SR and binders, but I also use them to hold extra scraprack pages. I also keep some regular sized page protectors on them as well. They are a regular 3 hold punch size so they can hold anything you can punch holes in!

  4. Monica Willis (verified owner)

    These are so versatile. They easily go from my ScrapRack to my Craft Binder to my Spinder Binder. I also use them to keep my extra ScrapRack pages together. I put a number on them all in black sharpie so I know where it goes once I am done toting it around with me. Sometimes I take 2 or 3 with me at a time and it’s easier to put them back on my ScrapRack in order since they are numbered.

  5. Pamela Phillips (verified owner)

    Have to have the Spinders to keep my binders organized!

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