Spinder 4-Pack

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4-Pack of ScrapRack Spinders

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Product Description

Spinder 4-Pack

The Spinder 4-Pack is a package of 4 single Spinders for use in the ScrapRack , the Craft Binder, and the Spinder Binder.

Each Spinder has an industrial strength 3-ring mechanism that fits all standard 3-hole punched products. The Spinders adhere to the ScrapRack base unit (or Craft Binder or Spinder Binder) with commercial grade velcro.
Each ScrapRack base unit can accommodate up to 8 Spinders, Craft Binders will hold up to 3, and a Spinder Binder will hold 1 filled Spinder.

The Spinders will work with any standard 3-hole punched page or item that you currently use – Creative Memories, Crop in Style, Baseball card holders, etc.

Each Spinder will hold between 20-30 filled Basic ScrapRack storage pages.

Spinders are also sold singly – click here.

The ring size on each Spinder is 1.5″.

For more information, click on the Video tab above for a full demonstration.

SKU: A21-4
UPC: 855556000499

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4 reviews for Spinder 4-Pack

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    i love being able to order just spinders. i don’t have enough room for enough bases to hold them all, but i have the supplies to fill them. when i am ready for one, i can pull it from the bookcase and pop it on my scraprack and i am ready to go. this is a great way to buy these extra spinders!

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I bought these to store pages that I will be moving in and out of my ScrapRack (Valentine’s, Christmas). I love my ScrapRack!

  3. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I love using the spinders with the spinder binders to store items I only use once per year – Christmas, Easter, etc. I can add them to my scraprack when needed and move the items back to the spiinder binder when done for storage. It keeps my ScrapRack from becoming too large

  4. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I love my Scrap Rack. I ordered more spinders because after several years, the Velcro was failing. If I get as many years out of these, I’ll be a happy scrapper!!

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Dos and Don’ts
DO load and unload the Spinders OFF the rack, then place onto the ScrapRack.
DO use a bone folder (or other blunt instrument) to slide between the Velcro of the ScrapRack and the Velcro on the Spinder when removing a Spinder from the ScrapRack.
DO use the rule of thumb that each spinder holds 20-30 Basic Storage Pagescheck to see if your Spinders are over loaded.

DON’T pull on the Velcro sections
DON’T open/close the spinders while they are on the ScrapRack base
DON’T forget to use ScrapRack Dividers to divide, label and support your supplies on each spinder (2-3 dividers recommended per spinder)

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