Shut Your Flap – Small

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Repositionable labeling tabs

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Shut Your Flap – Small Label Tabs

These repositionable sticky tabs are perfect for keeping the flaps on your ScrapRack pockets from bending or wrinkling.  Use these small label tabs to help keep your ScrapRack flaps closed, but for many other things too!

We used a light tack adhesive on these colorful plastic tabs.  They’re just sticky enough to hold your flaps down, but not so sticky that they leave a residue. They also help to “open” your flap.  Position the SYF tab so half of the “sticky” is on the flap and half is on the pocket. The colored part of the SYF should be at the bottom of the tab, or over the pocket piece.   When you want to open the pocket, simply lift the colored portion of the SYF up and the flap will come up as well.

What else can you do with our SYF Tabs?

  • Label your ScrapRack pages by sticking them to the edge of the page
  • Create sub-catagories within your themes
  • Label your vertical paper storage categories
  • Label embossing folders in your Fab Files.
  • Label unmounted stamps or embossing folders in your ScrapRack Pages.

Shut Your Flap tabs will go anywhere you need a label but don’t need a full Divider.

These small Shut Your Flap Tabs work best on small pocket pages like the Trader’s Twelve, Sweet Sixteen, and Straight Eight.

40 tabs, 10 in each color

Small Shut Your Flap tabs are 1″ x 1.5″

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13 reviews for Shut Your Flap – Small


    I just love these!! They are very helpful with keeping pages down that you want to keep closed.
    Awesome idea and product!!

  2. veronica (verified owner)

    At first I thought these are weird. I couldn’t figure out how to work them. Watched a video and opened up my mine. Now I use them a lot as I stuff my pages. Helps hold them down and easier to grab the flaps to lift. I also use as temporary page labels while organizing my supplies. So yes love them and highly recommend.

  3. katcue83 (verified owner)

    So great at helping me keep the little things in my Scrap Rack. Before some of my flaps would not lay flat. With the tabs, problem solved!!

  4. lrlumpkin (verified owner)

    These small flaps work great to keep the packets closed on the Trader’s Twelve and other small Scrap Rack storage pages. You can also use them on divider tabs for paper, etc.

  5. egbrown74 (verified owner)

    Loved these and am ordering more!

  6. quadracer005 (verified owner)

    These are great as divider tabs for almost anything, SR pages, paper, photos the list goes on & on. So glad I purchased them. Closer to having my SR organized. Thanks!

  7. Amy Hanschen (verified owner)

    Great little item! I’m using them for labeling years in my photo storage boxes and on my ScrapRack dividers. I think I need more!

  8. Priscilla Taylor (verified owner)

    Love this little GEM!!! I like that they don’t tear easily because of their sturdiness and their bright colors pop out when I’m trying to locate what I have labeled.

  9. kc4rog (verified owner)

    These are a wonderful addition to any craft room. Great for keeping my crafts labeled especially when first starting to organize all your stuff.

  10. Pauletta Smith (verified owner)

    Just love them and won’t be without them anymore! Sticky but not too sticky. Nice colors. I was being miserly with them, reserving them for only my scraprack flaps, but now I have started using them as planner TABS. I will definitely have to get more!

  11. Kristi Wierzbicki (verified owner)

    I’ve seen these before but never thought about using them for my crafts until now. These allow you to write the names for your files without having to commit to a certain sized Fab File. They’re tough enough to be used long term but don’t leave any residue behind when it’s time to remove them.

  12. Kristin Christenson (verified owner)

    I use these to hold the pages shut or to label sections in my SR.

  13. Laura DeLong (verified owner)

    There are so many uses for these once you get started. The material does not tear and is more rigid than other repositionable products, making them longer lasting.

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