Die File Magnetic Strips


60 Self-adhesive magnetic strips

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Die File Self-Adhesive Magnetic Strips

The Die File includes 60 self-adhesive magnetic strips. If you want to DOUBLE YOUR DIE STORAGE, add this additional set to the opposite side of the pull-out panels in your Die File. YES – you can also add these self-adhesive strips to your Die-Namic Storage organizers.

For the most adaptable configuration, adhere the magnetic strips to the Die File panels in evenly-distributed lines.  If you’d rather, you can customize your magnetic strips for your needs.  For your smallest dies, you can apply the strips closer together and really pack your little dies into one area.  Then you can spread out the remaining strips where you will organize your big dies.  You could also cut the strips before adhering them to the panels – get creative!  Just remember, white side up.

For the best results, no matter how you apply your magnets, we recommend keeping them away from the edges where the panels slide into the Die File box.

NOTE: Factories can be dusty!  For best results, wipe the Die File panels with a clean dry cloth before applying the adhesive magnetic strips.  

Includes 60 Magnetic Strips, each is 1″ wide x 11″ long (2.5cm x 28cm)

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