ScrapRack Base ONLY

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Base only – no spinders

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ScrapRack Base ONLY

If you need to get an additional or replacement ScrapRack Base ONLY Рno wings, no spinders Рthen this is what you are looking for.  This base also comes with a velcro loop connector so it can be used as an Expansion Base.

Without wings or another ScrapRack base to connect with, this item cannot be used as a stand-alone ScrapRack.

If you need spinders, the Expansion Base + 8 Spinders will be a better deal.

SKU: B35-SRBO-3522

3 reviews for ScrapRack Base ONLY

  1. showmetoto

    Love, love, love this system. I was skeptical at first, but so worth the money. I would say to watch the organizational videos as well. So helpful.

  2. Beverly (verified owner)

    I love my ScrapRack. The ScrapRack Base is a great way to extend it.

    • Karen Slusher

      Glad you’re enjoying your ScrapRack, Beverly! You’re right – the base makes a great extension to your ScrapRack, but you’re missing out on the Spinders and Velcro strap that comes with the Expansion Base. You can purchase those items separately as needed, though. Thanks for shopping with us!

  3. Carolyn (verified owner)

    I’m glad the “Base only” is offered. I have spinders because my original SR and 4 bases are FULL! I just needed to expand a little to have room to flip through. Thanks!

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