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5 Double-Sided Project Planners

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12×12 project planning made easy – Scrapbooking Project Planner

Whether it’s a scrapbooking, card-making, mixed media, or even a quilting project, the Expanding Project Planner is the perfect organizational tool to keep it all together.

The Expanding Project Planner pages work great for planning projects…and so much more!  Keep together kits and collections in this ScrapRack Specialty Page.  Do you have some smaller “theme” categories in your 4-Section System?  This page can hold it all.

As Tiffany teaches, “keep together what you use together”.  This page is perfect for storing all the papers, embellishments, stickers, ribbon, washi, and dies that you purchased with the intent to use together.  Even photos and mementos can be put in the right spot.  Planning projects has never been easier!

The Expanding Project Planner is perfect to use in the ScrapRack, the Craft Binder and the Spinder Binder.

Except for the middle flat pocket, all pockets are gusseted for bulky supplies and include locking flap closures.  Everything stays together and protected.

3 pockets on the front: 4″ x 6″, 8″ x 6″, and 12″ x 6″ (10.2cm x 15.3cm, 20.4cm x 15.3cm, 30.5cm x 15.3cm)
1 pocket on the back: 12″ x 12″ (30.5cm x 30.5cm)
1 middle flat pocket:  12″ x 12″ (30.5cm x 30.5cm)

5 pages per pack

SKU: P71
UPC: 85556000710

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19 reviews for Expanding Project Planner

  1. Amazon Customer

    Of all of Tiffanys products this is one of my all time favorites. These are not like her regular pages, these have much thicker sturdier plastic. They stand up on their own, go in the scrap rack or other binders or you can just stick them on a shelf. I worked out of my binder for December daily and these made it much easier to flip thru. I have probably 25 of these pages now. They also work well in the scrap rack as spinder dividers or front and backs for each spinder. I love the different sized pocket and find these work really well when you want to keep specific collections together. I have tendency to buy lots of items in a particular collection and I don’t like to mix and match. Collections means things already coordinate together. This review is from Amazon.com – Read it here.

  2. Cmcdljensen@verizon.net

    These are my favorite pages! I use them for my rainbow embellishments. I also use them for my Anna Griffin card kits. Everything that goes together fits in one page, and they sit nicely on my shelf.

  3. Jill (verified owner)

    If you buy by collection and a lot of it you need these. These also fit beautifully in her project binders. Thepages hold so much, I feel guilty if the gussets are not fully extended. As an example, I put in almost 50 sheets of heavy pattern paper in the back gusseted pocket. 12×12 chipboard sheet (Bo bunny) and sticker sheets in the middle pocket,and all the embellishments plus a 6×6 pad. I didn’t expect the middle pocket to be able to hold a true 12×12 just because its a middle pocket. B, to my surprised it not only held 12×12 but a chipboard thickness perfectly. This planner is made of a thicker plastic even around the 3 punched binder holes. I put them in the back of the section and if possible last on the spinder as they can be hard to flip on the Scrap Rack. Love these!!

  4. allisathompson@sbcglobal.net

    I use these to store my card stock. I put unfolded A2 card bases (4-1/2 x 11 and 5-1/2 x 8-1/2) in the front bottom pocket, A2 card quarters in the 4×6 pocket (yes, they fit), and paper scraps in the 8×6 pocket. I keep full sheets of card stork in the back pocket. Each project planner holds multiple color families with the exception of having one planner for white/cream/vanilla card stock. At the moment, I keep them in my craft keeper, but I plan to move the planner with my white/cream/vanilla card stock to a Spinder Binder since I use those colors way more than the others. I have saved so much time and energy with this method.

  5. adsmwa@chartermi.net (verified owner)

    Wow, the amount of product these can hold is incredible! As the description says, they work great for themes and collections. Another use I have found is for storing all of my CM cutting system. Very useful organizer!

  6. stampingkat (verified owner)

    All of these reviews have even more great uses for these fabulous pages. I love how sturdy they are and am using them to keep everything of one theme together (a child’s graduation for example) that has multiple sized pieces but may not be a permanent theme. Great for “on the go” scrap events because they hold so much.

  7. baccsurfs@hotmail.com

    I use these in my Momento Keeper to store photos and momentos for upcoming scrapbook pages. They are very sturdy and hold a lot!

  8. HJ (verified owner)

    Excellent product! Very sturdy and hold a lot. I use mine for all those “extras” that are noteworthy, but didn’t make the layout (like Tiffany demos in her videos). I love that they have holes-punched to fit into spinders too because now I have all my son’s birthday party stuff broken up by year in one place to take with me when I attend weekend crops to catch up on my scrapbooking! Such a time-saver! I used to have to go to 3 different places to gather the photos, journal details, and ephemera fodder to create pages in his birthday album. Love this organization so much more!! Because they expand I even have room for those few extra stickers, buttons, etc. that I bought for the themed pages to keep it all together!! T.Y. Tiffany!

  9. amyhanschen (verified owner)

    I LOVE these! I can make a ‘kit’ to take to a crop and include everything I need for a group of layouts using one set of papers. It all fits! I need to order more!!

  10. Amy Hanschen (verified owner)

    I had to get more! I’ve decided to keep 10 – 15 of them always filled with a layout kit (homemade or store bought) and ready to go to crops or friends houses or wherever! Reduces my stress considerably!

  11. Laura DeLong (verified owner)

    This planner holds an entire collection of potential. At first I was disappointed that the large gusseted pocket on the back did not receive a kit of paper as easily as I had hoped. After reading several reviews, I realized there was a middle pocket that is not mentioned in the product description; it is perfect for a pile of 12×12 papers. I would like to see a tabbed version.

    • Tiffany Spaulding (verified owner)

      Hmmm…a tabbed version is a good idea. Thanks for your suggestion. I’ll add it to the list and we’ll see what we can do with the next production run. In the mean time, you could try using our SYF tabs. I think those would work.

  12. Linda

    I’ve been using these for years and FINALLY bought the Craft Binder for my weekend crops. I’ve got dozens of them filled with goodies and makes pre-kitting layouts super easy – – Just add photos to pockets. It was so nice meeting you at ScrapExpo.

    • Tiffany Spaulding (verified owner)

      So glad you could come to te ScrapExpo. It’s fun for me to get to meet everyone in the real world!
      Glad to hear you love the project planners – you’re going to love your craft binder too! T.

  13. Susan Klynsma (verified owner)

    Love these for storing my scraps. Scraps can be sorted by size. I use the middle pocket for full 12×12 pages that I won’t use whole because of torn edges. I use one for each color

  14. Pamela Phillips (verified owner)

    I’ll be using these for organizing scrapbook kits. Love the different pocket sizes.

  15. Lisa Clay (verified owner)

    I love using these in the Spinder Binder. I can take an entire paper collection with all of the embellishments I need for a scrapbook very easy and organized to a crop.

  16. Lisa Clay (verified owner)

    I love using these in the Spinder Binder. I can take an entire paper collection with all of the embellishments I need for a scrapbook very easy and organized to a crop. It has minimized my packing and organized me better for a crop.

  17. rgvog2 (verified owner)

    I love these project planners! Everything I need is in one place! Easy to transport with luggage or just to another room!

  18. mazapple

    I bought a package of these at JoAnn’s and am amazed by how much these sheets hold. I used one to organize all the items I’ll be using for my son’s Eagle Scout scrapbook including newspaper articles, stickers and embellishments.

  19. HAVENOREGRETS (verified owner)

    Love to use these heavy duty planners for theme-related items that are too large (and heavy) for the thinner embellishment pages.I also used these in the color-coded sections to hold borders or longer embellishments. I initially held back buying all of these organizers, but realized this is an investment in getting myself organized. I can easily see what I have. I’m sincerely enjoying more. Thanks Tiffany!

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