Post Bound or Strap Hinge Scrapbook & Album Storage Box

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Great for foil & vinyl storage too!

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Scrapbook storage solution – 12×12 Scrapbooks & Albums

The Scrapbook & Album Storage Box is the Scrapbook storage solution you’ve been looking for.

This lightweight box is part of our Fab File collection. It is the ideal album storage solution for storing and protecting your photo albums, scrapbooks, and mementos.  You use page-protectors for inside your albums, now you can keep the outside safe from the same light, dust, and dirt.  This box is designed to fit most post bound or strap hinge style albums.

Like so many of our products, this box can be used in other ways too.  Great for storing all of your mementos together until you’re ready to scrap them.  Perfect for storing rolls of vinyl for your Cricut or other cutting machine.

Also available for 3 Ring Style Albums. Learn More.

Dimensions (assembled): 12.5″ x 13.5″ x 4″ (31.7cm x 34.3cm x 10cm)

See more uses for our Fab File product line – visit the Fab File Pinterest Board.

SKU: AC-FF12x13
UPC: 852540006512

Labeled on the top and side for easy reference, this snap-closed box will protect your precious memories for years. The collapsible handle on the end makes it easy to remove from the shelf so sharing your albums is a breeze.

The lightly-textured surface of the Album Case looks clean and neat on its own, or you can decorate to match your style, your decor, or the theme of the contents.

Each Album Case Fab File will store multiple albums and mementos, or up to a 4″ thick 12×12 scrapbook.

Fab Files come in 8 sizes; 4×6″, 5×7″, 6×6″, 8×8″ 8.5×11″, 12×12″, 12×18″, and Album Case

29 reviews for Post Bound or Strap Hinge Scrapbook & Album Storage Box

  1. Lori (verified owner)

    With 4 active kids, the collection of county-fair and homeschool-field-day ribbons was growing fast, but for years, I had no good storage solution. Enter the Album Case Fab File! It is just the right width at the bottom for the “medallion” part of the ribbons to sit flat along the bottom of the case. I stacked 2 red ribbons from L to R, then 2 yellow from R to L, then 2 white from L to R…so sitting on a shelf, it even looks pretty! No more “rabble” of ribbons — they now have a home where they are safely, neatly stored. Thanks, Tiffany!

  2. Susan Davis

    These Album Case Fab Files are the PERFECT answer to keeping albums clean and dust-free; stand albums upright like books (instead of flat in stacks) and not crush album content. The see-through case material and label pocket provide neat and tidy identification and organization. You must have read my mind when you invented these! =)


    Fantastic for storing albums and keeping them nice and clean.


    I didn’t know how these would work at first. I fill my albums pretty full. Well, I can tell you that mine fit and the case is study enough for me to carry it around with the handle. One of my new favs!

  5. joan minarik

    I have many albums and always had to open them to figure out what’s in it. I love that I can label the outside and keep the albums from falling over all the time. Now the albums are clean. I hate to dust

  6. demelfycbn (verified owner)

    So I bought these for a very different purpose but they are perfect for what I need them for. I use CTMH albums and I often scrapbook using the pages not in the album for ease of working on them. I then keep all the pages together in order and add them to the album at the end. But I could never find a container large enough to store all the loose pages until now. the dimensions are perfect to store them, laying it sideways keeps them flat and protected. LOVE these products!!

  7. Caryn Coyle (verified owner)

    I absolutely love these cases! They keep my fat albums standing upright and they look so neat on my bookshelf. I asked for more for Christmas!

  8. Ardell Marino (verified owner)

    Just love these. I have antique albums. Protects them from the elements.

  9. Joan Minarik (verified owner)

    I love these. I have bought several. My only concern is the newer CM albums seems just a little too big to fit.

    • Tiffany Spaulding

      Hi Joan – Would you mind giving me the dimensions on the newer CM album? I don’t have one. I’m thinking of doing another box that will fit the 3 ring type of album, so hopefully that would also work for the new CM album. Thanks for taking the time to post your review!! Tif

  10. (verified owner)

    I love this album case – though I’m not using it for albums! I have been struggling with how to store my CM cutting system and have been looking for something that wouldn’t take up too much space, but was still portable. I first tried the 12×12 Fab File – worked pretty well, but my stash of cutting shapes was just a little too big. Enter the Album Case! It’s the same generous height and width of the 12×12 – so it fits in my cube system – but deep enough to fit the cutting shapes, two mats, see-through templates, and box of blades. So happy I decided to make this purchase and so happy for all the great storage ideas Totally Tiffany offers!

  11. kelly

    Tiffany did you get the dimensions of the new CM album? I too have many of the new albums and worry they will not fit. Thanks!

    • Tiffany Spaulding

      No, I don’t have the dimensions. Would you mind measuring one of your albums and giving me the dimensions – both empty, and what the maximum thickness would be – this would be REALLY helpful!!!Thanks,

  12. (verified owner)

    I bought the album case with the intention of storing albums, but while packing for a crop, I found a new use for them. So I ordered several more, and use them to store all my Quick Quotes, Paper Loft, Club Scrap, and other pre-made kits by theme! It is so easy to find what I need and they are ready to grab and go if I want to scrap with friends.

  13. Caryn

    I absolutely LOVE these album cases! Not only do they keep my albums dust-free, they look great on my bookshelf. They are wide enough to fit even my thickest albums. The label holder on the side is perfect for identifying which album is stored inside. The handle makes it easy to pull off the shelf and carry to my destination. This is a must have for everyone!

  14. sskack (verified owner)

    I love this size of Fab File! They are perfect for storing my Graphic 45 pads and all embellishments that match the pads.

  15. Pam Horne (verified owner)

    Perfect for keeping albums clean and easy to identify albums in each. However, I have a couple albums that don’t quite fit and leave a gap in the opening. Could be a little longer when set on side.

  16. (verified owner)

    I love the album case fab file. I bought 10 of them and wish I had more. I have used them to cover some of my scrapbook albums and I have also put pages that I am working on in one with everything I am using so it all stays together. They are strong and hold a lot. I was not sure that my scrapbooks would fit because I over fill them but they fit with more room to add. I highly recommend the,
    Doris Swanstrom

  17. Debbie Green


  18. Debbie

    Superb item
    I have several and I am storing LOTS OF 12×12 paper in them until I get ALL of it organized so that I can put it into my paper holders etc

  19. Kim Bartunek (verified owner)

    STOP! Check what you’re ordering! I’m kind of bummed! I screwed up and ordered five of these to try out and only have one album that fit out of 18 different albums that I tried putting in them. It’s still a nice case and I’ll find a use for them, but measure your albums before ordering. Will not fit 3-ring binder albums, Quick Quotes albums, Perfect Scrapbook, CM picfolio albums – well, just measure.

    • Karen Slusher

      So sorry, Kim! The dimensions for this Fab File were based on strap-hinge and 3-Ring binder albums we sampled. Unfortunately there’s no “standard” size, so measuring first will always work best. If you need to return anything, please contact

  20. Sally Royssey (verified owner)

    I love them but I’m really hoping for a larger size to accommodate my ring. Binders

  21. Patricia Housewright (verified owner)

    I love it and so easy to carry around. Thank you so much for invention for album case.

  22. Linda Peabody (verified owner)

    The fab files are great. But if storing albums, check the size. They do not fit the CTMH albums which is what I bought 5 of them for. But….no problem, they are so study I will will use to store paper pads in them. Just wish the CTMH albums would have fit.

    • Tiffany Spaulding

      Hi Linda –
      Can you give me the dimensions on the CTMH albums? Are they 3 ring, post bound, or strap hinge?

  23. Linda Peabody (verified owner)

    Tiffany: Sorry I just saw your comment regarding the CTMH albums. They are post-bound and measure 14 x 12.5 x 2.5

  24. Diana2050

    I knew these would keep out the dust from my scrapbooks, but didn’t think until this week that can also protect from moisture as well. I have been trying to protect from impending Hurricane Irma and with some packing tape over the openings of the closures and handle area of these wonderful boxes, they are also going to protect somewhat against rain and moisture. Much easier to get to the most important ones evacuated with me – no worry about messing them up. I did not have enough boxes for all my books, and the rest were much harder to wrap up. Thanks Tiffany.

    • Tiffany Spaulding

      Our thoughts and prayers are with you and everyone else in the path of the hurricane. Glad we were able to help in this small way!

  25. Shirley Avalos (verified owner)

    Love these boxes. All my albums fit perfectly. These boxes not only keep them clean but keep them upright on my bookshelf.

  26. Chelle

    Hoping for longer sizes. I measured all my albums I’d want these for and they all are 14″. Bummed!!

  27. Linda Huntington

    Did you ever create a box size that fits the newer creative memories albums?

    • Tiffany Spaulding

      We did make the standard Album Storage Box a little larger, can you give me the dimensions on the CM albums and I’ll confirm. Spoiler Alert – these will be on sale next week. T.

  28. sjrev

    Tiffany, I’m having the same problems some others have mentioned with the new CM albums not fitting. I measured one of them. 12.5″ x a smidge over 13″. The spines that remove for adding pages to the albums are larger (standing out from the album further) and that seems to be what is causing the problem.

    • Tiffany Spaulding

      Hmmm – can you send me a picture? I have my CM albums stored in these and they fit perfectly, Do you know if CM has changed their albums at all? Mine are quite old.

  29. Linda from New York

    Hi Tiffany, I just love these storage boxes. The best part is not only can I fit my albums in It also holds extra books and fliers. Fits in my cabinet perfectly and looks clean and neat. Thanks for your wonderful ideas.

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