Totally-Tiffany Purse Hanger

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Purse hanger with clip

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Totally-Tiffany Purse Hanger

Keeping your purse or bag off the floor can now be done in style with the Totally-Tiffany Purse Hanger.   Tiffany uses these to hang her paper trimmers from the edge of her desk! Click the More Photos tab below to see a couple of pics.

Lori Ann Engelke says, “I use mine to hang a trash bag off the edge of the table when I’m at a crop.”

This colorful disc sits on the edge of your table, while the retractable hook hangs below to hold your bag.  The top has the bright Totally-Tiffany colors and the under side has a non-slip surface.

Use the attached swivel clip to attach the Purse Hook to your bag so it doesn’t get lost.  Or slip it into a pocket – when the hook is retracted it’s slim and compact.

Want to learn more about Tiffany’s studio? Visit her Studio Tour Pinterest Board.



7 reviews for Totally-Tiffany Purse Hanger

  1. Susan Beechnau Martin (verified owner)

    This purse hanger is high quality and attractive. I especially like advertising Totally Tiffany!

    • Tiffany Spaulding

      Thanks Susan!! Word of mouth advertising is still the best. Thanks for sharing our brand. T.

  2. Nancy Mccauley (verified owner)

    I attached to my purse I take to work and let people know when asked that Totally Tiffanyis the only way to go. Thanks.

    • Tiffany Spaulding

      Thanks Nancy – we so appreciate you sharing our brand. T.

  3. Cindy Paine (verified owner)

    I have another hanging type purse hanger, but LOVE this one! I can clip it to my purse and keep it handy unlike my other one. Love the color and the ad for Totally Tiffany too!

  4. Laura Long (verified owner)

    I love this thing! It’s cute, attaches to my purse, so I’m not hunting for it and it works great.

  5. Pauletta Smith (verified owner)

    Love my purse hanger! My entire craft room is Totally Tiffany. Thank you for your class and this gift!

  6. Peggy Ery (verified owner)

    I love using TT purse hanger for easy access to my paper trimmer, which is a great idea Tiffany! It never gets buried at crops and the retractable hook is genius!

  7. Pamela Phillips (verified owner)

    I hate putting my purse on the floor, good idea Tiffany!

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