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Totally-Tiffany Product Catalog 2019 and $7.50 Coupon

After purchasing this catalog, you’ll receive an email with a Totally-Tiffany coupon code worth $7.50 credit to use on your next order.

Remember glossy paper catalogs?  They still exist!

Now you can see all the Totally-Tiffany products in full color without electricity or internet.

This new brochure will be a great resource when considering your organization plans.  Mark it up, keep tabs on what you have and what you still need, discover new items you didn’t know we had.  All the dimensions and details are in here, so it’s a good reference tool to keep on hand.  It’s also 3-hole punched so it can go right into your ScrapRack, or in any standard binder.

Shipping is just 1 cent.

Prefer to stay online?  Here’s a link to the high tech clickable catalog, or one you can download here.

SKU:  CAT28-2019



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