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Portable wood stamp organizer for home or travel

One of our best sellers…and for good reason! Simplify your wood stamp organization and storage by creating a library of stamps with our Stamp Store & Go, Double-Sided bag. This portable wood stamp organizer solution will make it easy to organize at home and away.
Once your stamps are loaded into the “trays” you can stand these bags vertically on a shelf.  The crystal clear bags make it easy to see your stamps, and a breeze to store them.  Use your label maker to label the top or side of the bag and you’ll be able to find your stamps in seconds.

Click on the Video tab to learn all of the tips and tricks for this item.

Are you looking for stamp organization solutions?  Watch Tiffany’s class video here.

Interior trays are 8.5″ x 11″

Overall Dimensions:  11.5″ x 9.5″ x 3″

UPC: 855556000178

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26 reviews for Stamp Store & Go, Double-Sided

  1. Scrapaholic65, IA

    I have so many rubber stamps in my craft room that they take up 2-3drawer containers, shoeboxes and several wooden drawers. When I saw these I thought they would be perfect and they are! I in no way could empty all of my containers but I was able to get rid of one of my 3-drawer containers. I purchased 9 of these and whish I could get several more. I hope they will be offered in the fall. These containers make it so easy to find the exact stamp I am looking for with out digging through layers of stamps. I divided my stamps in to categories like Christmas or sayings and grouped them all together. I have labeled the sides so I know which category is where. Very happy with all of these and am looking forward to getting more. Thank you for offering these. This review is from – Read it here.


    The Double sided Stamp, Store & Go is so convenient for my inks. It fits great in my Laura Bag. The tray makes it easy to see and get to my inks. Even though it looks small, as with most of Tiffany’s products, you will be surprised at how much it can hold. Also I discovered there is space between the two sides that works to hold a color chart of my inks. Even though the bottom is open, it is tight enough that the chart has never slipped out. This makes it easy to keep track of which inks I need to replace. Love it!


    Bought this bag after seeing Tiffany’s idea for using it to store adult coloring books and pencils. Love it! I have 100+ pencils on one side and several coloring books on the other. Easy to grab it and go, plus it takes up very little space stored vertically on my shelf. Highly recommended!!

  4. kkdavisson

    My craft room is just a table and bookshelf. I was keeping my wooden stamps in 2 plastic containers that took up a lot of room. Now all those stamps are in an area the size of 2 books. HAPPY DANCE!


    I use these for my wooden stamps. It helps me to be able to store them in a vertical fashion which takes up so much less room. They have worked great for me. The only negative I can say is that it is better to have them full on each side which prevents them from moving around.

  6. Jeanette Drummond (verified owner)

    I use the Double-sided Stamp Store and Go to organize and store my wood-mounted stamps. I use my stamps more now because they are always easy to find. Love it!

  7. Ramona Gaston (verified owner)

    I love this product! I don’t have very many wood mounted stamps but do have enough to fill both sides of one of these bags. I would always forget about these stamps before because they were in a box. Now, after taking Tiffany’s free online classes about how to store and catalogue these using her fabulous numbering system, these stamps are never out of sight, out of mind anymore. The bag takes up three inches on my shelf where the box they used to be in took up twelve inches and wasted space on top, plus I had to dig through them. Now I see the stamped image in my catalogue and where it is stored and I go straight to it. It is so worth the time it took me to get my supplies organized. Now I spend more time creating and less time hunting with no frustration about finding something I’ve had for a long time and forgetting that I even had it. I am now ordering another of these bags to keep my coloring books and markers together while I’m coloring a specific page or two.

  8. Lori McClaran

    I purchased 8 of these to start organizing my wooden stamps. I did the index method and numbered the stamps. I liked it so much that I bought 8 more of the Double Stamp and Store Bags. I have indexed and stored 500 individual wooden stamps. I had a 4 shelf bookcase that was full of plastic clam shell containers of stamps. Now most of three shelves fit upright on one shelf with the sides labeled with the stamp numbers. I still have one shelf and a box of Christmas and Halloween stamps to go. I have been making cards for 15 years so have a lot of stamps. I can go to my index and look up an event or holiday or sentiments and look at images that I stamped there per Tiffany’s Get Organized Classes, find the stamp or stamps that I want, pull the corresponding bag off the shelf, and pull out the stamp that I need to use by number. After I use the stamp it is easy to return it to it’s proper place. I also use these to take supplies with me to stamp away from home. I place inks and stamps on one side, and cardstock, embellishments, ribbon, etc. on the other side of the Double Sided Store and Go and pull the trays out when I get to my destination and use them easily. I plan to purchase 4 to eight more because I use them for a variety of things. Wonderful product.

  9. (verified owner)

    These are by far the best organizational tool I have ever used. I have so many stamps that I have collected over the years, I had 8 stacking drawers
    To hold them all! That’s not even that good because the only way I could think to keep them neat was to use different size plastic containers in the drawers to confine them. This stack of drawers took up so much room in my closet. Now I have all my stamps organized according to subject and just stacked on a shelf. So so easy to find anything and carry around. GREAT, GREAT, GREAT

  10. Sandra

    Love these for my distress mini inks. There is enough room for water pens, blenders and watercolor paper.

  11. purchasing (verified owner)

    This bag gets a total 5 star rating. It should be a 10 star! It really is the best bag. I have so many wood stamps & I didn’t think these would hold so many. The alphabet & number stamps are the hardest to organize & I think I have 4 or 5 sets in 1 double sided bag. You really have to watch Tiffany’s video to understand what a great bag this is. I feel like I can’t say enough good things about it. This is one of my favorite Tiffany moments!

  12. stacy.weilert919 (verified owner)

    Absolutely love these! I was able to empty 9 of the “clam shell” Stampin’ Up! packages into 1 of these bags!

  13. Diana Darrow (verified owner)

    Fantastic product. I have 3 single bags and 1 double sided. I like the single better. Easier to use. No need to flip. But can see the genius of it for crops. Many uses other than stamps. I probably need 1 or 2 more.

  14. Katherine Pond

    I love these organizers–saw them on Tiffany’s organization class. Bought two of them immediately. Used her suggestion of making a photocopy of the stamps contained in each one so that we could put it in the catalog I keep for stamps. I also made a copy and put it in the store and go so that I would put the stamp back in the right place. What a difference it makes, to think–a stamp of a rose would look perfect here–and go to the catalog, check to see where the stamp is, if I have one, and go and get it in seconds. A place for everything……

  15. Kimberly Davisson

    This is my second review on this product. It is by far the most versatile piece of storage gear in my craft area. I’ve just bought 3 more whatever my imagination decides!

  16. Barbara Carlson

    I have several of these. I decided to separate my holiday stamps so I can just grab a bag when working on anything seasonal. I put seasonal washi around the outside of the tray so I can tell at a glance which bag to grab. I do plan on numbering the bags and stamps now that I am redoing my catalog.

  17. Jan (verified owner)

    Love these. I had my stamps stored on trays, and of course, every time I wanted one, it was in the bottom tray and I had to take all the other trays off the top of it to get to it. this takes up less space, and its easier to get to what you want. I am sure you can use them for other things too, and I will when I decide what to use them for.

  18. TIFFANY COOPER (verified owner)

    Love it, just got my second one in the mail today. Very fast shipping too!

  19. isobel Crump (verified owner)

    I have hundreds of mounted stamps and have been gradually transitioning them to the double-sided bags. I group them by theme where possible and take a photo of how I have arranged them (after dropping a well organized bag on the ground it is like putting a jigsaw puzzle back together!). Highly recommend especially if you have any Stampin Up or other companies stamps in boxes. I have freed up about 12 feet of shelf space just by moving over to these containers. I live near Tacoma so I get them delivered within a couple days or can go pick them up for free.

  20. MADGE SPITZER (verified owner)

    So I bought this to hold my Teresa Collins large embossing folders. Was having a hard time storing these. I was storing them in a 12×12 fab file. But it was still alittle big. So I got this bag. I cut the top of the tray so it was open on top and the flap sits alittle higher,so the velcro tab don’t reach. But I plan to get an elastic or something. But it makes the larger embossing folders easy to travel with. I’m getting so organized with all the different Tiffany products.

    • Tiffany Spaulding

      Love your creative adaptation. How long are the Teresa Collins embossing folders? Tif

  21. MADGE SPITZER (verified owner)

    Tiffany, the Teresa Collins embossing folders are 8 1/2 x 12.

  22. marcerella

    I learned about these bags through the 2018 GOC and they are perfect for the wood stamps I still have. Stored more in a smaller space and they are getting more use because I can actually see and access them more/easier. So clever with the slide out “drawer”. Just follow Tiffany’s instructions on making a map for the bottom of the trays and it’s super easy to put everything back where it belongs!

  23. Kathy Knickerbocker

    I use these to put my 81/2 x 11 paper in it and it is easier to take to crops, protected and organized.
    I have single and double sided, my only problem is the Velcro closure doesn’t meet

    • Karen Slusher

      Hi Kathy – thanks for letting us know you like your Double-Sided Stamp Store & Go bags. Sometimes the Velcro doesn’t meet well if your bag isn’t full. If that’s not the problem, please contact to see if we need to replace those for you.

  24. Sheri Plasker

    In love! These bags are perfect for my wood mounted stamps! Now it is super easy to find the perfect stamp for a project without hassle!

  25. rgvog2 (verified owner)

    A great way to see stamps at a glance! Take the time to make a copy of stamps to see where to return each one… what a difference it makes as a time saver!

  26. Pamela Phillips (verified owner)

    I love these storage bags! I have an idea to store my Creative Memories Custom Cutting System in them. Love being able to see what’s inside.

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