Perfect Paper Cart Combo


Mobile paper organization

12×12 Paper Cart Combo is perfect in your craft room!

Paper storage and organization can be a challenge for all of us.  This 12×12 Paper Cart Combo will make it easy to sort, organize, store and use your paper.

At 25.25″ tall it’s the perfect height to roll under your desk or work table.

Heavy duty casters and all metal construction will hold up to 100 lbs of paper.

This cart combo includes the cart and 5 of our 12×12 Paper Handlers.  To store all 5 Paper Handlers on one shelf, simply remove the divider rods.  Store the rods at the back of the shelf to ensure you’ll be able to find them when/if you want to replace them on the cart.

When you remove the divider rods from the top shelf of the cart it will easily accommodate any of our 15″ Desk Maid organizers.  Imagine being able to roll your paper and markers, or stamps, or card blanks right up next to your chair when you’re crafting.  See the images of the Desk Maid organizers under the “More Photos” tab above.

Looking for great ways to organize your paper? Visit my YouTube Channel or Paper Organization Pinterest Board.

Cart Dimensions:  25.25″ tall x 18″ wide x 16″ deep (at widest base)

SKU: PC5XA32-2566


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