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How to organize punches – 2″ Punch Pack

Punches can be a real challenge for organizing.  Our 2″ Punch Pack makes it easy!  If the question is how to organize punches, the 2″ Punch & Supply Pack is the answer.   This awesome little organizer is ideal for punches and so many other things, too!  Check out Tiffany’s blog post: 5 reasons to love the 2″ Punch & Supply pack.

This bag is the perfect tool for storing and organizing punches.  Fill the bag, label the side, then stand it up on your shelf – you’ve created a “library” of punches.  Easy to find, easy to use.  You’re going to love it.

Are you looking for punch organization solutions?  Click here to watch Tiffany’s class.
There are tons of great uses for our Punch & Supply packs (available in 1″, 1.5″ and 2″ depths – all are 8.5″ wide x 11″ tall) – learn all about them on our EZ2Organize Product Pinterest Board.

Interior tray dimensions: 8.5″ x 11″ x 2″

UPC – 852540006147

19 reviews for 2″ Punch & Supply Pack

  1. loislynn49@hotmail.com

    I am very pleased with the 2″ Punch pack. I have some of my large “whale of a punch” and Martha Stewart punches stored in it. I like that it has a slide out tray to put the punches on .

  2. Ruth C. (verified owner)

    I was so happy when I recieved my 2″ Punch Pack and my larger punches fit into it. Not fitting into the 1 1/2″ Punch Pack I was worried.

  3. Cmcdljensen@verizon.net

    Great for storing embossing powders! I love that I can store them in this and stand it right next to my Stamp & Punch Store & Go bags. What’s used together stays together.

  4. kathy.boyd (verified owner)

    I love this bag, I own about a dozen and use them for many things. I marked it down one star because I would like to see a bigger Velcro area because the items stored in the “2 bag are a bit heavier and could use the extra “closing” support. I have added a larger strip of “heavy duty” Velcro to my bags and they work much better now.

    • Tiffany Spaulding

      Kathy –
      Thanks so much for your input on the Velcro. I think this is a great idea. We will certainly consider it when we do our next product run.

  5. Ramona Gaston (verified owner)

    I have two of these and they are perfect for the Martha Stewart border punches. I own three of these punches and they were hard to store because of their size and bulkiness. All three fit in one bag. I too have a little trouble with the Velcro but my problem is that it is glued on a little low for these particular punches because they stick up a bit on the top. The Velcro grabs and sticks but comes apart easily. This is not a design flaw because if you close the bag properly, it closes perfectly. It’s just what I have in it that causes the problem. I noticed another review and Tiffany responded that they may be changing the Velcro in the future so I wanted to submit this idea as well to maybe make the Velcro 3×2 with a piece on each end or something. I have my smaller punches and date punches with the handles in the other one. I love how they store upright and take up little space. Great product as are everyone of hers that I have tried.

  6. Mary (verified owner)

    I need this for my small wooden stamps and punches. Now, what do I do with the huge Fiskars punches? They are too big for the 2″ punch pack.

  7. dallasefimov (verified owner)

    This is great! A nice, neat way to keep punches in one place so you can easily see what you have.

  8. rlwtoo (verified owner)

    I am amazing at how great this is! I was keeping my larger punches in a drawer and it was hard to see what I had. They all fit in this bag and I know exactly what I have. I’ll be more likely to use them now. Thanks Tiffany!

  9. Carmen (verified owner)

    I am so glad I finally got the 2″ punch pack storrage units. It’s easy to find the punch I need fast. I use to have all my punches in a storrage bag, I had to remove most of the punches each time I wanted to use one. Now I can see everything and I’m not wasting time packing & repacking my punches each time I use one. Now I just need to get some 1 & 1/2″ punch storrage units.

  10. Patricia (verified owner)

    I was so excited because my punches fit in it. Love it.

  11. Sandy (verified owner)

    I purchased 3 large 3 medium and 2 small. Love them. Will be ordering many more as soon as I figure out what will fit where.It seems I have way more than I thought and most are big. It’s so nice to be able to see at first glance instead of pawing thru a storage bin.

  12. Patricia Underwood (verified owner)

    Love the 2″ punch bag for my punches. I was excited that the border punches fit in them. Love these bags cause we can grab and go.

  13. Sherie Black (verified owner)

    This is a wonderful size for so many of my larger punches. I also like it to store my whole monthly collection of Heartfelt Creations stamps and dies. (Thanks for bringing these to HSN, too.) *** Do you have plans for a 3″ punch bag for our extra large Fiskar punches? I would be so happy!

    • Tiffany Spaulding

      Hmmm… a 3″ punch pack, I’ll see about getting a prototype made, I’m a little concerned about the weight of those large punches. I’ll see what I can do.

  14. Misty Shupe (verified owner)

    The 2″ Punch Pack works great for all my punches. I wish there was a way to install dividers so my punches wouldn’t slide around. But, I love the bags.

  15. Shelley Anselmi (verified owner)

    This is perfect for Washi Tape! I have two of these with my washi tape sorted by color and theme (GOC theme list was so helpful!). My friend liked it so much she got two of them for her washi tape as well. She also cut plastic dividers between the rows of tape to keep them from rolling around. The clear bag makes it easy to see what is in there, and since the tray slides out, it is simple to reach anything in the bag.

  16. sasylass

    I love this size because the large punches I have work great in this Pack. I do agree with the Velcro being bigger and lower so it does stay closed better with large punches inside but I love the large pack.

  17. Laura DeLong (verified owner)

    This is an excellent option for storing many things effectively. My punches are both more accessible and taking up much less space in these bags.

  18. Linda (verified owner)

    Love these storage bags. They hold all the larger punches and make finding things quite easy. I love that I can put them on my shelf instead of digging through a storage box!

  19. Pamela Phillips (verified owner)

    I love the 2 inch, holds a little bigger punches, etc.

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The Punch Pack 2″ is perfect for your larger size punches. For small punches, we recommend the Stamp & Punch bag (1″), and for your medium punches, try the Punch Pack 1.5″. The 1″, 1.5″ and 2″ designations are the depth of the interior slide-out tray in each bag. The clear vinyl bag has just enough headroom to accommodate different size punches, but is still tight enough to hold everything in place when standing vertical. Our punch packs help you create a “library” of punches. So much storage in such a compact space! Easy to find, easy to use, and easy to take with you to a craft event.

As with everything Totally-Tiffany, this organizer was designed with one thing in mind, but we’ve found so many uses for it! Check the “Video” and the “More Photos” tabs for more reasons to love the 2″ Punch Pack.

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