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Organize card making markers and colored pencils too. (Now available in Black ONLY)

Take your art projects to a higher level! Use the Color Keeper Stand & Store to organize card making markers and scrapbooking markers as well as colored pencils.   Ideal for all brands of colored pencils.  Will also accommodate brands like Spectrum Noir, Copic and Zig.

Set up the stand and every pen/pencil is in view. When you’re done, everything folds up compact and secure.  There’s even a clear vinyl cover for each pencil/pen section to keep your tools safe and your Keeper clean.

Across each of the pencil/pen sections, the Color Keeper has a unique feature you’re going to love – the Color-in Index Strip.  In front of the storage pockets there’s a clear strip that holds a removable index paper for you to color-code the pocket contents.  You’ll always be able to see the true color of your tools and know where to put them back.  Brilliant!

The large exterior pocket will hold your coloring books, sketch pads, or other supplies.  It’s clear, with a secure closure, so you’ll never lose track of what you store in there.

Inside the Color Keeper, there’s 5 elastic loops to safely hold your eraser, sharpener, blenders, tools, or glasses.  Yep, we thought of everything!

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Holds up to 72 pencils or 24 large markers.

See more uses for the Color Keeper on our Pinterest page.

Closed:  10″ x 13″ x 1″
Open/standing: 13″W x 4″D x 6″T
SKU: CGKPR72-6451
UPC: 852540006451

20 reviews for BLACK Color Keeper Stand & Store

  1. shgseabaugh (verified owner)

    I love to take things with me when traveling to keep myself busy in the car and/or while relaxing somewhere away from home. This will be great for taking with me on the go! There is a lot of room to fit lots of supplies in here and spots to securely store the items you need. I think it would also be great for taking on trips with children to help them keep all that they need at their fingertips without losing things between the seats or on the floor. Everything has a sturdy place to stay put when not being used and looks great when opened up and everything is on display.

  2. Sharyl Doxey (verified owner)

    I love this storage stand!! I had alot of misc colored pencils that I didn’t have a good place to store them in and this was perfect!!! Love the color too!!

  3. (verified owner)

    Just filled my new Color Keeper yesterday and I love it!!! So much better to see all my colored pencils and have them in easy reach instead of rolling around in a bin. I also like how compact it is – even with coloring books in the outside pocket – when it’s all folded for travel. The Color Keeper is definitely a keeper!!

  4. Gracie Thies

    I really like the Color Keeper. All my colored pencils, some of my markers and some pens are all right in front of me. No searching for the right color! It stands up w/o falling over and is so easy to reach. I will really be able to take it w me. Thanks, Tiffany and group.

  5. (verified owner)

    The Color Keeper is perfect. I just started using coloring books a few months ago. I could never find a bag that would hold my pencils and pens in one unit, but this is it. YEAH! And the added bonus is it also can hold my coloring books.

  6. Linda Correa

    Just got my Color Keeper today in time for a trip to the beach. Held all my supplies ! I am so excited that I can pick up my case for a long trip or a trip to the doctor. Won’t mind spending time waiting now

  7. Marianne

    As much as I love the cool tins that my expensive colored pencil sets came in, I have taken them with me 3 different times where I have slid the tin down between other tight things trying to keep the tin from coming open, only to find the tin open and my expensive pencils falling on top of themselves. I have multiple sets of pencils, so I purchased 2 Color Keeper Stand and Store. Since each section holds 3 pencils I can combine sets in each one. I also love that there is a built in place to put color renditions…I no longer have to have scrap paper beside me to try pencils so I can see what the true color is. The fact that it stands up is such a bonus – it’a so much easier to get the pencils out!

  8. Deanna (verified owner)

    I love the color keeper. It holds a lot of pencils and I can organize the colors. No more digging through a container in which they roll around. I also love that I can fit in several books to take along. Great for travel.

  9. Kimberly (verified owner)

    I love Color Keeper to keep my pencil, alcohol pens, and coloring books organized and ready to go whether I am coloring at home or on the go! Very nice product!

  10. gap7541 (verified owner)

    I love the color keeper. I have more markers. So is small. I put the extra markers in the pocket where the coloring book goes which I don’t do coloring books. It is nice though because it is better than my pencil case which I have to paw through. I can see all the color pencils and markers.

  11. gina.hall (verified owner)

    I bought one for myself, and one for a relative to house markers and colored pencils. While a little confusing to set them up so they stand, we both love this organizer! (I’m sure the setup was our issue, and not the instructions. There are pictures and written directions included.)

  12. ryrice (verified owner)

    The stand works so excellent; wasn’t sure it would. It makes everything so easy to get to. I really enjoy mine.

  13. Giuli (verified owner)

    I love the color keeper! Easy to store and pull out whenever I have a few minutes to color. It’s such a delight to find something that stores all 72 pencils, and you can organize them in whatever color sense works for you. You’ve helped me be creative whil helping me keep my room organized

  14. Holly

    This would be cool for a planner enthusiast

  15. Kimberly Davisson

    This looks like a wonderful product and it must be based on the number of great reviews. The stitching on my is very crooked. Excess fabric keeps the Velcro from lining up so it doesn’t stand up nicely. Unfortunately, I bought this from HSN and I didn’t look at it until after the return date. I am very disappointed as I waited a long time for it to come back into stock.

  16. Sherri Moore (verified owner)

    Great for traveling with my colored pencils. I have not used it at home yet but can see that it will make it so much easier to keep up with pens and pencils. I think I will order another one.

  17. Jennifer Solodow (verified owner)

    I really like how it has room for a book or something like that. I want it to hold a copy of my Copic markers

  18. Sheila Lonergan

    The perfect storage for a coloring book artist. Purchased this when I was creating my first coloring book for grown ups, and have since traveled with it often. Also loving the purple!

  19. Pamela Phillips (verified owner)

    This is awesome! I’ll be taking it with me to the lake along with a coloring book.

  20. reentate (verified owner)

    I received this yesterday and am very pleasantly surprised by its quality and functionality. In the front row, I have 2 sets of Altenew watercolor brush markers, The back row currently holds Dina Wakley paint pens and Nuvo glitter markers. And I’ve got water pens stored in the Velcro straps. It’s very easy to stand it up on a small table in in the living room and do some coloring while watching TV. I can find the color I need in an instant and I only need to have the colors I’m working with on the table at any given time. Love it!

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If you’re putting big markers into your Color Keeper, you may need to “stretch” your pockets a little. This is especially true with the Spectrum Noir pens that have the “rubbery grip.” I just put the marker in the pocket, and then put a pencil in next to it and left for a couple of days. Once I took the pencils out, the markers slid in and out of the pockets much more easily.

For a replacement Color Index strip, click here for a printable download

Color Code Insert Strip – 8.5″ x 14″ – PDF Download

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