Magnetic Design Tool Set with BONUS!!

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Hold your designs in place as you create.

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Magnetic Design Tool – Get an additional set of 8 *mini magnets with your Magnetic Design Tool purchase

The original idea for this tool was inspired by Holly Fossen, who suggested grid lines on the Rotating Design Board.  We weren’t able to make that change, but we did come up with this idea – a separate magnetic overlay with grid lines, a 13″ magnetic ruler and 8 super strong mini magnets – the Magnetic Design Tool Set.  (*Note – mini magnets are for adult use only.  Keep them away from small children.  Choking Hazard, Harmful if swallowed.)

Additional super strong mini magnets are available here.

This set is part of our Totally-Tiffany Maid for Art product line.  Learn more about the Maid for Art Line.

Learn more about how to use the Magnetic Design Tool – Read Tiffany’s blog post, 5 ways to use the Magnetic Design Tool.

NOTE:  The slick surface of the Design Tool and ruler will wipe clean from your occasional smudges, but applying inks directly might cause staining.  This is not a cutting mat.

The mini magnets are VERY strong, if you allow them to “slam” together they will chip, this is due to the strength of the pull. It is not a defect in manufacturing.

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You’ll love how beautifully the Magnetic Design Tool Set works on top of the Scrapbooker’s Rotating Design Board! Clip the Magnetic Design Tool to the Board, then rotate your entire project as the magnetic ruler holds everything in place. At a full 12.5″ x 12.5″, your layouts and projects – big and small – will be easier to create using this magnetic tool. The Ruler is 13″ long, so it will allow you to not only hold layers as you design, but it will help you to line things up straight at any angle.

Don’t have a Scrapbooker’s Rotating Design Board? This Magnetic Design Tool will work on any flat surface.

10 reviews for Magnetic Design Tool Set with BONUS!!

  1. Valerie Orr (verified owner)

    Love it! It makes it so easy to try different layouts. Need another so I can do two pages at once. Goes great with the rotating design board.

  2. Mary Callahan (verified owner)

    This is an amazing idea. The grid makes it easy to line things up properly and the magnetic ruler holds the paper tight to the board and can also be used to draw straight lines without holding on to the ruler for deal life. Because of the size this combo will get a lot of use at my house.

  3. Diana2050 (verified owner)

    I love this and have been using it in conjunction with the Rotating Design Board. I discovered an unexpected use. I use a lot of stencils and was in the process of going through them to add to my Catalog of stencils, stamps & embossing folders and some of them are quite large. Its always difficult to clip or tape them to the paper, and the magnetic ruler works wonders and holds through the mylar stencil and heavy card stock – can also shift the paper and stencil across the board without the 3 becoming separated or moving. I also use the 8 piece magnet set to make a little corral (stand them on end) for my mini ink pads, their lids and the caps to those markers that always tend to slide off or get misplaced. I’d love to post a photo if there was a place to do so.

    • Tiffany Spaulding

      This is AWESOME!!! We’d love to post your pictures and ideas. Can you send the pictures to me and any other additional information you’d like to include – we’ll feature you on our Great Ideas page. My email is
      Thanks so much for sharing this great idea!!!

  4. JosS (verified owner)

    I finally had a chance to use this and love it very helpful for those layouts that need different approaches! I did buy extra magnets but I use a lot of them – might not be needed for others to have so many! It worked wonderfully when I needed to leave and come back nothing had moved and I could tell whether I liked my option or needed to change. Kids running through didn’t blow things around!

  5. Tommie (verified owner)

    I love this tool! So simple. So perfect. Took it to a crop and used it for every page. Using the magnetic ruler helped me line things up and across pages. I love the magnets – they keep things from moving while I decide on layouts and they keep my page/cardstock lined up. I bought two, one was to be a gift, but I am having to really re-think giving it away! I would highly suggest getting two for personal use.

  6. Kristin Christenson (verified owner)

    I just bought this along with the rotating design board. I love that I can plan out the layout and magnet everything in place.

  7. TIFFANY COOPER (verified owner)

    Just what I needed to center things easily while cardmaking or scrapbooking.

  8. Lois (Lynn) Sellers (verified owner)

    I love the grid lines and the magnetic ruler. Makes lining things up on my LO, so much easier. And just like others have said, I wish I had ordered 2, for doing 2 page Lo’s.

  9. Laura DeLong (verified owner)

    This is just the tool for a layout designing advantage.

  10. Gina Hall (verified owner)

    I LOVE every aspect of the grid paper and ruler. Genius, I say! Absolute genius! I can’t wait to order another one for doing two page spreads.

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