Shut Your Flap – Large

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Repositionable labeling tabs

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Shut Your Flap Label Tabs – Large

These repositionable sticky label tabs are perfect for keeping your ScrapRack page pocket flaps from bending or wrinkling.

We used a light tack adhesive on these colorful plastic tabs.  They’re just sticky enough to hold your flaps down, but not so sticky that they leave a residue. They also help to “open” your flap.  Position the SYF tab so half of the “sticky” is on the flap and half is on the pocket. The colored part of the SYF should be at the bottom of the tab, or over the pocket piece.   When you want to open the pocket, simply lift the colored portion of the SYF up and the flap will come up as well.

What else can you do with our SYF Tabs?

  • Label your ScrapRack pages by sticking them to the edge of the page
  • Create sub-catagories within your themes
  • Label your vertical paper storage categories
  • Perfect for labeling unmounted stamps and embossing folders.

Shut Your Flap tabs will go anywhere you need a label but don’t need a full Divider.

Large SYF Tabs are best suited as page label tabs and as “lift tabs” on our larger pockets – Supersized Single, Vertical Double, Fabulous Four, Fantastic Five, Perfect Six.  For smaller pocket flaps use our Small Shut Your Flap Tabs.

Want to see more ways to use our Shut Your Flap Tabs? Visit our Shut Your Flap Tab Pinterest board.

40 Tabs, 10 in each color

Large Shut Your Flap tabs are 1.5″ x 2″

UPC: 852540006031

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16 reviews for Shut Your Flap – Large


    I know these are repositionable,but mine fell off no matter what I used them on. So I added washi tape to keep them on. Other than that,I do like the different colors and flexibility they have.

  2. Ursula Kruppert-Hayes

    I have used these labels to bookmark pages in a book or for other purposes on any paper product and had no problems. When I saw the tab idea on the website I thought that the tabs had been redesigned for the Scraprack pages. Thought this was a great idea because so challenging to stor some items without them falling out, so ordered a bunch. I was surprised to see the same label packages as I had used before. I thought how clever to repurpose them. Alas, I was disappointed because they have trouble working as flap closers and don’t do the job as expected. Not meant for surfaces other than paper when used as is. They will be useful as labels, however, unless you use them on paper products you will need to attach them with nonremovable tape. Great as labels. Not great as flap closures, although the idea for flap closures is awesome. It would be a wonderful solution. Perhaps a stronger glue that is repositional. Love Tiffany’s ideas and have applied them to many situations. Thank you Tiffany.

  3. Theresa

    OMG…I LOVE THESE!!!! They are perfect for labeling pages, dividers, embossing folders, stencils, they can be used on the back side of photos in your photo storage box,  – when you stick them on a flap they make it easy to see/find the flap and to Open the Flap

  4. Tamara

    I love these labels – I use them to label my dividers, storage pages (as needed) and my embossing folders. I stick them on stencils, and on the back side of photos in my photo storage box. I’ve stuck them on a lot of different material – not just paper – so I don’t know why others have had a problem. They are repositionable so they aren’t glued down tight. I like that. And, I love using them on flaps. I just stick them on a flap, and they make it easy to see the flap and to open the flap. I also use them in my recipe book. Makes it really quick to find favorite recipes!

  5. Tamara

    Forgot to say I have both large and small size and I love them both. They work equally well – just depends on what I’m using them for.

  6. susan (verified owner)

    i love these for temporary labelling. like others here, i have also experienced problems with them not being strong enough to hold the flaps. i use them for labelling themes or other temporary use. maybe they just need to be stickier/stronger?

  7. jculver8 (verified owner)

    Love the bright colors. When I turn mine sideways it works to hold the flaps closed. They could use a little more tack.

  8. egbrown74 (verified owner)

    Loved these and am ordering more!

  9. Shirley Avalos (verified owner)

    Love these for labeling. As for keeping ScrapRack pages closed they don”t always seem to work. Many of mine have fallen off or flip up on my pages.

  10. kc4rog (verified owner)

    I love them. I used them for work as well as my craft organizing. I love that they are reposition able.

  11. Lisa Clay (verified owner)

    I wasn’t sure if I would like these or not so I just ordered 1 package. I love them! I will definitely order more!

  12. Pauletta Smith (verified owner)

    I first bought something like these at Staples and they were good, but these are actually BETTER! Stickier but still not too sticky. Holds my flaps shut and cute, too.

  13. Kristi Wierzbicki (verified owner)

    They’re great for organization but they can be used in place of washi tape to reposition paper layers. Cheap, thin paper can be damaged by washi tape but the flaps won’t do that.

  14. Susan (verified owner)

    My husband complained about not being able to read the labels on file folders. Just wrote on these and stapled so his big hands didn’t loosen them when adding receipts.

  15. Laura DeLong (verified owner)

    There are so many uses for these once you get started. The material does not tear and is more rigid than other repositionable products, making them longer lasting.

  16. Susan Bowdish

    Love these. Have both sizes. Using them to identify my paper in my Paper holder. Also using them in my catalog of stamps. I have my stamps alphabetized in a 3 ringer binder, so use them to put the Alphabet letters on them.

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