Hot Glue Gun Holder

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Every craft room needs one of these..maybe two!

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Hot Glue Gun Stand

The tool you didn’t realize was missing in your life!  Our Hot Glue Gun Stand holds most sizes and styles of hot glue guns, plus other tools.
Made of white wood with a clear glass tile for catching glue drips from your gun.
This product is easy to decorate to match your room or craft space.  Read Tiffany’s blog post: Customize your Hot Glue Gun… to see a few ideas.
 Not sure if your Hot Glue Gun will fit, see the “More Photos” tab below to view a variety of Hot Glue Gun sizes and shapes that fit our stand.
Also, check out the blog post by Heather Holdbrook of Craft Gossip about this cool and necessary tool holder.
These are available at larger JoAnn Stores.  To see a list of stores click here.
Dimensions:  12″ x 3.5″ x 6″
SKU: HGGH-6192
UPC: 852540006192
HSN: 465743
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The solution to drippy glue guns is here.  Our Hot Glue Gun Holder works with most sizes of glue guns.  The 3″ glass plate catches hot drips of glue when the gun is in the cradle, then you can easily peel off the cooled drips.  The glue stick cup holds dozens of glue sticks in a variety of sizes.  The back guard prevents the glue gun from sliding off the base – keeping you safe from hot messes.
Try using your Hot Glue Gun Holder with your hot tool, embossing gun, Fuse tool or your ATG. You’re going to love it!

17 reviews for Hot Glue Gun Holder

  1. Tamara

    I love this!! I really like my supplies to look clean and tidy and pretty! And this fits the task perfectly. It’s easy to clean the cold glue off the drip plate and the glue stick storage keeps a lot of sticks handy.


    I have the pink one. I use it for my big tape runner. In the storage box I put my spare tapes in. I love this as it is so sturdy and I really like not having to lay my runner down. I like having it out to get to faster as well. Very happy with this!!!

  3. LaKeitha Friday

    I simply love my glue gun holders! I got three, one for my glue gun of course, one for my fuse tool and one for my heat tool. Best tool ever!!


    I love the Glue Gun Holder for holding my ATG and some constantly used tools all conveniently on my workspace.

  5. Pamela (verified owner)

    Great tool! I have used to for my glue gun, my tape runner tools (large & small), to store other tools I use for die cutting and embossing (card making). The tool-in-one, bone folder, and scissors, all fit nicely in the little storage box at the end. The glass plate (for glue drips) came in handy for mixing the alcohol marker colors — it is small and easy to clean.

  6. Carlota Ewig

    Love mine. keeps everything tidy and easy to find

  7. Laurie Seabaugh

    Love mine and use it for multiple things like so many of the other reviewers have listed before me. I keep one out on my craft desk top and store my large tape runner on it all the time there, ready to go when I need to use it. When I am doing a project that requires the use of a hot glue gun I move the tape runner and use it as a hot glue gun caddy while my gun is hot and dripping glue…which is sooooo easy to remove from the slick surface provided that is meant to catch the drips. I’ve also used it to prop my heating tool for embossing and so many ways too numerous to list. I have the turquoise one but it wouldn’t matter to me if it was the most hideous color in the word I would still own one. Oh, and I love the box for holding more glue sticks and whatever else you might want to keep nearby in this! I don’t think there is a product I have from Totally Tiffany’s line of products that I don’t absolutely love! I wonder now how I functioned without it.


    I LOVE this! I got one of these of these to use with my ATG tape runner. When I go to weekend crops I know exactly where it is instead of buried under paper. The ATG fits perfectly and the glass keeps the adhesive from sticking.


    I’ve had my Hot Glue Gun Holder for some time now . . . but you wouldn’t recognize it. I got the white one, but I’ve decorated it with beautiful designer Paper and a little paint! I love the design of the ‘holder’ . . . very practical and functional! And after reading some of these reviews, I think I’m going to order another one for my heat tool! Keep bringing us your amazing products, Tiffany!

    • Tiffany Spaulding

      We would love to see/share a picture of your decorated HGGH. Can you send us a picture?

  10. Kathy Jo Camacho (verified owner)

    I have re-discovered my glue gun. With this stand it’s as if I’ve grown a third hand! Love it! It makes things so easy and fast. No gun tipping, dripping, cord tangling. This makes my crafting SO much faster and easier. For something I didn’t think I really needed, this is one of my favorite things! Thank you!!!

  11. hldrnss (verified owner)

    Such a fun item! I got two! One for me and one for a friend!

  12. (verified owner)

    I love my glue gun holder! Now I just need to decorate it.

    • Tiffany Spaulding

      Please post a picture after you decorate your Hot Glue Gun Holder!!

  13. ERICA (verified owner)

    I use this for my ATG and a few frequently used tools. It makes my projects much easier to assemble while keeping my work space neat and organized.

  14. Carlota Ewig

    love my glue gun holder. keeps my gun easily accessible. glue sticks always ready

  15. Susan Gage (verified owner)

    Love this glue gun holder. I had a makeshift holder, which was falling apart. I like this one especially since it allows me to hold my glue sticks where I need them. Great tool!

  16. Katherine Heying (verified owner)

    I have had a hot glue gun holder for several years and had gotten one for a gift for a dear scrapper friend. It never occurred to me to use it as a HOT curling iron holder! When I saw that I knew I had to have ANOTHER! I’m forever catching those little burns by bumping into the iron. Not any more, though!

  17. Rebecca (verified owner)

    It seems almost silly that such a simple tool could make a difference in your crafting but this one does – I just got my first chance to use it for my glue gun as I was making 4th of July themed paper flowers and paper luminaries with rosette toppers. Lots of glueing required , lots of “grabbing my glue gun” and my glue gun was handy, safer, and so easy to clean up the drips afterwards from the little glass insert. Plus, it sits on my desk and looks nice and neat. If you don’t have one yet go ahead and get this one, it was a good purchase for me.

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