Expansion Base and 8 Spinders

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Double your storage space by adding an Expansion Set to your ScrapRack System.

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Expansion Base and 8 Spinders

Need a 2nd, 3rd or 4th Rack? One of the best things about a ScrapRack is that it’s E-X-P-A-N-D-A-B-L-E!  Expansion Bases are perfect for adding more space to your ScrapRack organization system. Each Expansion Base comes with 8 Spinders, more than doubling your ScrapRack capacity in just an additional 15″ of space.  Using the 4-Section System, you won’t need to “reorganize” to expand – just spread out and add to what you have.  Gotta love that!

A Velcro connection piece will be included; use it to link your bases together.  Click on the video tab above for step-by-step instructions.

The Expansion Base is designed to expand your ScrapRack system – it is not a stand-alone item.  You must also have a Basic ScrapRack to use the Expansion.

DIMENSIONS:  15″ wide, 12″ deep and stands 7″ tall at the highest point when set up.

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13 reviews for Expansion Base and 8 Spinders

  1. Debz1107779

    Expand away
    The expanding bases really let you load up tons of papers and other specialty pages without having to search for all the little cases you would normally take along. Now all I have to do is flip through the pages and I can find anything I want in 30 seconds or less. Hands down, if you follow the 4 section videos regarding the bases and pages, you will have almost everything right at your finger tips to grab and go. I just went to an all weekend retreat and I was totally packed in less than 15 minutes. Honestly, when I first set this system up, I emptied 5 large totes of things into this system. This is a review from – read it here.


    Since purchasing my Scraprack last year,I have added 3 more of these expansions. I am so happy in being able to expand when need to. Very sturdy and the velcro is very strong when attached to the spinders!!

  3. degojen1

    This is a must have! I am asking Santa for another. I knew I had a lot of stuff and I have purged quite a bit but anyone that has crafted or scrapbooked for any length of time will want at least one expansion. So glad you can expand and not need separate racks. I will be selling off all the containers I had before thanks to this awesome system!

  4. Angela Scalzo (verified owner)

    I am very happy to finally have an organization system that really works for me. For Christmas my husband purchased an expansion kit for me. I have it hooked up and working away at my scrapping supplies. However, one of the spinders arrived damaged, i am sure it will be handled in the same efficient and timely manner that my orders are always handled with. I will be returning it this week. Thank you again for having all of your classes being free!!!

    • Tiffany Spaulding

      Angela – did you also contact customer service about this via phone or email? If not I will have Sue reach out to you.

  5. sheila

    When I filled my first scraprack I wondered what I was going to do because I still had more stuff. Then I discovered the base. I love that you can just add the extra base easily and now doubled the storage space but still use the same wings. Brilliant!

  6. Jennifer Felten (verified owner)

    Love this item. I have two scrap racks. One with an expansion base and one without. As I continue organizing, I realize I need another expansion base. Thank you for making so much sense out of what used to be complete chaos in my scrapbook room.

  7. stampingkat (verified owner)

    This really helps me customize my craft room. I’m thinking of adding my sewing supplies (within reason) by adding an additional base, instead of having two separate racks. Great and sturdy product! Well worth the investment!

  8. lrlumpkin (verified owner)

    I purchased the base unit and realized that I needed much more storage so this was a much needed addition. It took time to set it up initially, but now it is so easy to find all of my supplies. If you have the ScrapRack base unit and this expansion unit, you need a large table top. It is about 56″-57″ wide when fully loaded.

  9. Myra (verified owner)

    I ordered my expansion for our new house so I will have it to set up my new craft room. I am sure I am going to love it as much as my starter base.

  10. patti Rocha (verified owner)

    I had always looked at this system and thought, “Nahhhh, it’s not for me!” But then I took the organization class & broke down & bought the system and now I’ve bought the “expansion” pack…need I say more!! I LOVE it!! It is so easy to just flip to the area you want to scan for items that will work for whatever you’re working on. The Only part I hate is when I’ve already put my little silicone sleeves on the binder ring to prevent pages from slipping off and then I want to “add” a page…it’s soooo hard to take off & put back on!

  11. Natasha Henderson (verified owner)

    Expansions are awesome! It was great to be able to expand my scrap rack as I organized my supplies. Because of this I only bought what I needed when I needed it. I love that the base comes with an extra spinder (eight instead of seven). One of my bases arrived a bit warped but didn’t seem to make a difference once the base was filled.

  12. Michelle (verified owner)

    While I am still working on organizing, I can say that I love my Expansion Base. My first one arrived damaged but Customer Service was able to resolve the issue quickly. Looking forward to finally finishing the organizing and finding time to actually getting back to scrapping!

  13. Donna Hahn

    I’m living this system for organizing!

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