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Create labeled sections so you can quickly find the products you need.

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Craft supply dividers – 5pk

ScrapRack Dividers – 5pk, are made of translucent, semi-rigid plastic.  These dividers identify your major categories, making it easy to find the supplies you need.  Each divider has a large labeling tab, 5 positions in all.  TIP:  When adding your final category titles, label BOTH sides of your Divider tabs so you can see the titles regardless of which side of the Divider you’re looking at.

Because they are larger than the ScrapRack Storage pages, Dividers help to protect the edges and corners of your ScrapRack pages and all the products they contain.  Don’t worry – your Canvas Craft Binder, Big Fat Flippin’ Storage Binder, and Spinder Binder will still zip easily around the dividers on the Spinders you take with you.

Dividers also help to provide stability to your filled ScrapRack pages and supplies.  Add 2-3 Dividers per Spinder for best results.

5 Dividers in this package.  Dividers also come in a package of 15.

DIMENSIONS:  14″ x 14.75″ x .125″

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UPC: 855556000222

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9 reviews for Dividers – 5pk

  1. sadanie6

    I love my new ScrapRack system, and the dividers are great. They are bigger so you can see the tabs even if the system is stuffed full of product. I just received more last night. I now have enough to complete my system.

    I can’t wait to have everything finished. Because of the tabs and all of the different sections it has made it so easy when I needed to look for flowers, and alpha stickers to complete a layout – I could go right to those sections and find what I needed. This review is from Scrapbook.Com – Read it here.

  2. mzdocb@gmail.com

    Don’t skimp on these ladies and gentleman! I have amassed and enormous collection of floral paper embellishments (Anna Griffin) and my pages were sagging, until I purchased more of the divider sheets. Putting in a divider every 4-5th page, and debulking a little solved the problem!

  3. queensyriin (verified owner)

    I love these. They completely cover the scraprack pages (so they don’t get beat up from regular wear and tear) plus keeping things “upright” in the scraprack and dividing all of my pages into categories. I will definitely be getting enough to have a tab for each main category in my 4 section system. If you haven’t checked out the free classes it is an awesome way to organize. Organized= less time digging for stuff and more time doing stuff. 😉

  4. hldrnss (verified owner)

    Definitely keep my scrap rack more upright — don’t skimp on these! I’ve learned the hard way!!

  5. travelers2susan@gmail.com

    Gotta have dividers and these are great! Nice and big, very sturdy with a nice big tab on them. I would rather have more pages than have them stuff so full they are too bulky, so I am using a divider about every 4-6 pages, depending on the type of page and what is in the page.

  6. Donna Williams (verified owner)

    Love my Scraprack system. These plastic dividers are making it so much easier to find my sections and so helps in keeping pages stable/straight.

  7. Laura DeLong (verified owner)

    These dividers are ideal for the ScrapRack. The 5pk was just enough to cover my calendar year section, with one tab for general calendar-themed items. It will take two sets for the rainbow section. The theme category will be the most personal and probably the most dynamic.

  8. Patricia Underwood (verified owner)

    I ordered more of the dividers for my scraprack. Needed a few more to divide my theme section.

  9. Kristin Christenson

    I use these in my SR to divide between each colored section. They are sturdy and can be seen beyond the pages.

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