Desk Maid Set


It’s like having an organizing Maid for your desk!

Desk Organizer Set

With our Desk Maid products, your crafting, office space, workbench… will be organized, functional, and beautiful!  All the pieces of our desk organizer set are made of wood and are painted a clean, bright white.  The finish is flat and is an ideal base for you to personalize with high-gloss spray paint to match your décor.  Or get creative – use your inks, stickers, gems, and washi tape to make them a work of art!

Included in this set:

1 Tool Tower (Dimensions: 9″d x 5″w x 5.5″t) Regular price $11.99
Get your tools organized with the Desk Maid Tool Tower. 8 sections at different heights means nothing gets lost. Tall things at the back, short things at the front, and everything at your fingertips. When your tools are organized and easy to use, you’re more productive. Way to go!

1 Pencil Perch (Dimensions: 4.5″d x 6.5″w x 6.5″t) Regular price $13.99
Get your pencils out where you can see and use them. The unique design of the Desk Maid Pencil Perch displays your pencils on 3 levels so you can find the one you want and easily put it back. The clean, white stand will look perfect on your desk as it holds your pencils solidly at attention.  Holds 36 pencils.

1 Pen & Ink Palace (Dimensions: 9″w x 7″d x 7″t, each pull-out shelf: 8.25″w x 4.25″d x .75″t, top tray: 3.5″d x 8.5″w x .75″t) Regular price $19.99
You’ll love the Desk Maid Pen & Ink Palace! Fill the shelves with your double-tipped pens to keep them in the proper flat position. The staggered shelf design means nothing is hidden. Or load the pull-out shelves with your ink pads. Big or small, they all fit together here. You can even keep matching pens and ink pads side-by-side. The top shelf is the perfect place to store ink bottles and distressing tools. Everything you need in one “palace”!

1 Stadium Arranger (Dimensions:  Overall: 9″d x 9.75″w x 4.5″t, Individual Stadium Levels: 2.75″d x 9.25″w x 1.25″t) Regular price $14.99
It’s time to arrange your desk items into the Desk Maid Stadium Arranger. With the unique stair-step design, your most-used supplies are in view and at your fingertips. Shallow shelves provide stability and protection, while offering optimal access. No more digging through drawers or knocking things over; the Stadium Arranger helps take your projects to the next level.

This item is so versatile that you’ll find places all around the house you’ll want to use it.  One of our favorites is in the bathroom – it’s perfect for all those small cosmetics and toiletries.  Pair it with our Cosmetic Organizer Ensemble and you’ll be amazed at how “together” you can look AND be!

1 Set Clearly Organized Designer Boxes (Dimensions: 2 boxes: 4.5″ x 2.5″ x 1.25″, 4 boxes: 2.5″ x 2.25″ x 1.25″) Regular price $4.99
This set of 6 Clearly Organized Boxes is ideal for use with the Desk Maid Stadium Arranger, but you can use them anywhere you need a little organization.  These small organizer boxes will help you contain everything from ink daubers to AAA batteries and paper clips.  Drawers and cupboards all around the house can use these great little boxes.  In the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, craft room, kids’ room or the dreaded “junk drawer”!  Being Clearly Organized is easier than you think.



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