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The Craft Tool Bag you’ve been waiting for! 

The Ditto double-sided craft tool bag & supply organizer will make it so easy to put your hands on exactly what you need. This cool tote splits in half to become the perfect desktop tool organizer.  Big and small pockets, plus lots of elastic bands to hold pens, pencils, all of your tools, and more.

Looking for an easy way to carry your Ditto Bag to events?  Try the Lois All Event Tote.  Click the “More Photos” tab above to see images of the Lois/Ditto in use together.

Open dimensions: 26″ x 5″ (66 cm x 12.5cm)
Closed dimensions: 13″ x 10″ (32cm x 25cm)

SKU: SDTT –  Varies with color

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You’ll love the Ditto double-sided tool tote!

The pockets are designed to hold the supplies you use – washi tape, adhesive, ATG, punches, glitter glue, ink, pens….you’ll love the paper trimmer pocket too! There’s even a mesh pocket to hold your water bottle. You’ll be amazed how much this holds! But there’s another unique difference between the Ditto and other tool totes; there’s no bottomless compartments. The way the Ditto is designed, everything stays visible so nothing gets lost. See it, use it, put it back. Simple!

When you’re working on a project, spread the Ditto open in front of you. Everything is now in view and accessible. If you’re at a crop, this makes a fabulous perimeter barrier. When you’re done working, or are headed out the door, fold the Ditto back together and it’s an easy-to-carry tote.

If you prefer to have your Ditto stay folded closed, using the Rotating Design Board as a stand allows you to rotate it 360° in place.

Taking your Ditto to crops and classes is simple when you use the Lois Buddy Bag Clear Tote.

The Ditto is IDEAL for storing your “Planner” supplies – watch Tif’s video, How to organize your planner supplies.

Looking for organization inspiration? Click here for Tiffany’s “Get Organized in 10 Minutes a Day” series.

NOTE: Some photos show an older version with fabric outer pockets. The current Ditto designs have clear vinyl outer pockets.

Note: Some photos depict colors that may not be currently available. Bottom exterior pockets are all clear now – the fabric exterior pocket is no longer available.

24 reviews for Ditto – Tool Organizer

  1. dlevel

    I love this item. I bought 2 of them in turquoise, wish I’d gotten a purple one. You can’t image how much stuff they hold til you get it. People kept asking where I’d gotten it.

  2. adsmwa@chartermi.net

    One of my most favorite products – and it holds an incredible amount of stuff. Its great that you can use it folded or open. Love it!!

  3. loislynn49@hotmail.com

    I love my Ditto bag !! As I was getting ready for my 3-day crop….Gathering, packing and unpacking was easier then my usual process , thanks to the SR products.

    My Ditto is usually on my desktop ( in the open position flat against the wall) with my most used tools in it. Makes for quick and easy access to my most used tools !!
    But since I was going to a crop , I folded it up into carry position…. and I just kept adding items to it. I was amazed how much it held! I love that it can be used folded or open. On my crop table ,I had it in open position, along the back of my table and it did not take up a lot of space, which is important when table space is limited.
    I also love the extra storage feature for the 12″ cutter in the Ditto !

    Thanks for a great product,

  4. scrapluv45@yahoo.com

    I have 2 one in the turquoise and the other in purple. I love to take mine to crops. Accessing my most used tools and other scrapping items makes it so much less time consuming in not having to dig for what I want. It also helps to keep my work area cleaner being I can just reach over and put the item right back into this awesome tool tote!! And the colors are so vivid and beautiful!

  5. weigmom@yahoo.com

    LOVE this product. It holds so much and is so versatile since I can open it up at my workspace and close it quickly to take it to crops. People constantly ask me where I got it. Everything is right at your fingertips. Super quality too. Love how you can adjust some spaces as well.

  6. dlevel

    I have 2 of these in turquoise. They hold so much that a hardly ever use but one. I take it to crops and people are always stopping and asking where I got it. I love that I can put my smaller paper cutter between the 2 sides and velcro it in for carring.

  7. purplecrazymom@comcast.net

    I absolutely love this Ditto bag. I got purple (which is gorgeous!) I love having things standing up ready for me to grab on a moments notice. I also love how you can have it open or closed, depending on the amount of space you have plus it is easy to take with you to crops, vacations etc. Besides the Scraprack, it is probably my most favorite of all the Totally Tiffany items!

  8. dotfree7@gmail.com

    I love the Ditto bag. It holds si much and takes up little space whether using it at home or taki g it to crops. I love just picking it up and taking it to crops. I open it to mark the back edge of my allotted space on the crop table. All the tools I need are right at hand.

  9. shgseabaugh

    I debated and debated about purchasing a Ditto bag as I have purchased bags in the past that appeared similar to it. However, after seeing a friend’s bag in use I realized there wasn’t a bag like this on the market anywhere else. This bag holds items that won’t fit in other bags and the convenience of being able to unfold the bag and use it on my desk at home and then quickly fold it and be ready to go on the road with it makes this bag take the place of all the other bags I have ever used. You will be so glad you purchased this!

  10. Marianne

    I keep my ditto bag packed with frequently used tools, standing open (so both sides visible to me at the same time) in front of me on my paper crafting desk. I love using it there. If I ever need to completely clear my desk it’s easy to pick up and move the whole thing. I went to my first crop ever this past weekend. I took my ditto bag off my desk, added a few tools I thought I might need, folded it in half (LOVE how the halves ‘velcro’ together!). It was so easy to set the whole things down into my bag and take it out to set up at the crop. Over and over people were asking me what it was and where I got it. I was happy to say Totally Tiffany!

  11. pdorman706

    I purchased your Ditto bag and have fallen in love with it. Instead of my wooden tool holder, I took my Ditto and it was just amazingly easy to access and find things in. Everyone at the crop commented on it. It is so light and carries so much. I was able to get all the tools I needed in it, and I love the colors. Love, love it. Thank you.

  12. allisathompson@sbcglobal.net

    I cannot express how much I love this bag! I keep everything in it, including my MISTI! (I slide it between the two sides when the bag is closed.) I wish I could upload a picture to show how much stuff I have in there. And the best part is that I can keep it on my craft table without taking up too much space because it opens and stays flat against my wall.

  13. lrlumpkin (verified owner)

    This bag holds so many supplies and will make it easier to pack for craft retreats. I have been purchasing different types of organizer bags and have not been able to find one that works for me — until now. Love this bag!

  14. Margaret (verified owner)

    Love my Ditto bag! It holds all of my supplies and is easy to carry to crops where I have all my tools handy.

  15. Nanette (verified owner)

    What a perfect item! I have mine already Full so most everything I need is right at hand when I am scrapbooking!! Totally love it!!

  16. sasylass (verified owner)

    This bag holds tons of stuff. I have my tools that I use for my Sizzix cards including my cutting pads, even the long ones that I use with a Big Shot plus. I also have my Cricut tools as well. It helps to have all my tools handy instead of hunting them up!!

  17. Kristin Christenson

    I have purchased my share of tool caddies in the past, but this one is by far the most functional one I have owned! Love the pocket for the paper cutter!

  18. Dawn Holland

    The ditto bag holds all my essentials without getting in the way. I love that I can leave it out on my craft table and just grab and go for a weekend crop!

  19. ekerestus

    If you’re on the fence about buying one of these get off the fence and buy it already! I’ve had mine for a few years now and I want to get another one. This is not your typical scrapbook organizer that you get at one of the big box craft stores. You can fit so much stuff in this – every little nook and cranny has been planned out. It is absolutely amazing!

  20. Christy B

    Best organizer on the market for your scrapbooking “staples”. This thing holds a ton of supplies and lays them all out so you can see them and get to them easily. I bought 2 for myself and 2 more for friends.

  21. Heyde (verified owner)

    I use this wonderful bag to hold all my tools for making cards. It will hold my Big Shot Plus cutting plates (big and small ones). It helps me create a lot more since I have all my tools, adhesive, pens, etc for my dies and scissors right in front of me. I would highly recommend this product for any paper craftier!

    I have purchased several for gifts since I enjoy mine so much!

  22. Natalie Childs (verified owner)

    This is the first purchase I have made from Totally-Tiffany. I am very impressed with craftsmanship of this product. You can definitely fit a “ton” of crafting supplies in The Ditto! I will definitely be purchasing more storage products from this company!

  23. Beth I-L

    Absolutely love my Ditto tool organizer! I got it for Christmas along with the rotating design board and the Lois 2.0 tote. Strongly recommend all three items.

    I was able to fit so much into the tool organizer. I actually was able to condense bags and it is all so much better organized now. Everything is clearly visible and easily accessible. I set it on the rotating design board on my side table at crops so I have easy access to everything. I keep mine velcroed together, not opened out flat.

    When I’m ready to go the design board goes into the bottom of the Lois tote to make a nice sturdy, flat bottom surface and I place the ditto organizer right on top of it. It goes right on top of the other bags on my cart and everything is neatly contained so nothing falls out or gets lost. Wish there was a way to add a picture to the review so you could see how nicely it all works together. I’ve been to 8 crops since Christmas and am so happy with the way this organizer has performed. Lots of people complimenting it and asking about it too. Highly recommend all three pieces!

  24. Lisa N

    I recently purchased this on the HSN craft day along with the Lois 2.0. I specifically purchased these items to take on a weekend craft retreat I was able to fit everything I needed for my projects in the lois 2 and the ditto and was really happy with them. I’ve been trying to limit myself to one bag and one tote organizer when I go to crops and such and these two items fit the bill perfectly. Very happy with my purchase.

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