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7 cosmetic organizers for home and travel!

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Imagine being able to put your hands on the perfect shade of lipstick in just 1 second. How nice would it be to just close up the cosmetic organizer in your bathroom and toss it into your suitcase? Our cosmetic ensemble is the perfect solution for cosmetics/toiletries storage and organization both at home and away.

Click on the VIDEO tab to watch an introduction of this fabulous ensemble.

7 Piece set includes:
1 Large Carry All Storage Case
1 Essentials Case with interior tray
1 Cosmetics Basics Case with interior tray
1 Liners and Lashes Case with 3 interior trays
1 Lipstick Keeper Case with interior tray
2 Brush and tool easels

Essentials Case: Perfect for all of your daily essentials – shampoo, conditioner, body wash, deodorant, face wash, hair spray, etc. 8.25” x 5” x 3”

Cosmetics Basic Case: Eye shadows, blush, any type of compact. 8.25” x 4” x 2”

Liners and Lashes Case: This case includes 3 interior trays. Ideal for mascara, eye liner, lip liner, lip gloss, foundation bottles, tubes and more. 8.25” x 5.5” x 2”

Lipstick Keeper Case: Stores up to 10 lipstick tubes. 8.25” x 3” x 1”

Brush and Tool Easels: Getting to your brushes and other small tools is so easy with these pop up easels. Each easel has 6 pockets. The Brush And Tool Easels have a clear plastic cover for travel. They tuck neatly into the front pockets of the Large Storage Case.

Large Storage Case

Tuck all 4 cases into the large compartment of this tote, slip the Brush and Tool Easels into the front pockets, and you’re ready to go. Use the clear zipper pocket on the back of the tote to store your packing list. 15.5” x 9.5” x 3”

Each of the 4 cases has a roll-back lid for use (hook-and-loop type fabric tabs hold them in place). Close them up and they’ll keep everything secure for travel.

Stack your Cosmetic Ensemble into our Stadium Arranger  for even easier access to your cosmetics (look in “More Photos” tab for pictures). Stadium Arranger Sold Separately. See below.

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12 reviews for Cosmetic Organizer Set -7 pcs

  1. Tamara

    I love this product. I bought it for travel and have found that I use it for travel and at home every day….so the cosmetic organizer has turned into a great value.
    When I’m on travel I use the carry bag to hold whichever organizer bags I want to have with me. I use the organizer bags like this:
    Stand up easel – all my brushes, eyeliner, toothbrush, small scissors, tweezers, etc. The clear plastic cover folds over and keeps everything clean. When I open it the Velcro on the back converts the flat holder to an easel and the cover tucks away – the elastic strap on the front is a great place for me to hook a few flat hair clips.
    One organizer bag holds my makeup, eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick (I use the 24 hour wands) and other stuff like that – everything fits and both the mascara and lipstick can stand upright. The cover closes over the tall stuff with no problem – again open it, fold the lid back and your ready to grab what you need.
    The other bags are used for all that other stuff; creams, tubes, moisturizer, toothpaste, whatever you use, I just put it in standing up ready to grab and close the bag(s).
    Then all the bags I’m using, my hairbrushes and my hair accessories go into the big carry bag. And the big bag goes into my suitcase.
    At the hotel I pull the organizers out of the bag, flip the lids open and tuck them behind (use the Velcro),line them up on the sink. They look great, everything stays tidy and clean and the maid always asks where I bought them.
    When I’m visiting at someone home where the bath space is shared, I keep everything in the carry bag and just take it all back and forth to the bath when I need it.
    At home I place the open organizers in a deep drawer and everything stays exactly where I want it and can grab it without thinking. (I do use one whole bag for my lipstick collection). My large bottles of hair products, and moisturizer, are stored beside the bags in the drawer. The only thing on my countertop is hand lotion, toothbrush, toothpaste, and soap. I love it!!
    But if you don’t have a drawer the organizers with the lids folded open would look great on your home counter top.
    I really like that all the bags are so versatile, totally interchangeable, easy to keep clean and lightweight.

  2. Marie

    LOVE this organizer!! I use it daily, and it’s helped keep me organized. And if you ask anyone I’m the least organized person on the planet! I couldn’t be happier with how this keeps my counter tops un-cluttered!


    I bought this because I love the all of Tiffany’s EZ2O bags and hoped it would be as awesome. I was not disappointed! Not only are all my travel products organized, its easier to go through airport security because the bags are clear – I even got complimented at the airport!


    I bought this for my sister for Christmas. she does a lot of traveling and always takes a lot of cosmetics with her. She used to have some of her items in labeled zip lock baggies in her suitcase. So when I saw this cosmetic set for sale, I knew it would be perfect for her! Now she uses the Cosmetic organizer daily. She was so pleased. She keeps her cosmetics in these bags and has them in her drawers at home. when she is packing for a trip, she just has to grab the bags and pack them. Easy and quick packing!


    I bought this for traveling, but I use it everyday. I keep it in my linen closet with all of my toiletries, that way when I am ready to travel, I just throw it in my suitcase without rummaging around for everything. And the bonus – it fits perfectly in the inside zipper of my carry on luggage.

  6. monika o’neill (verified owner)

    Totally love this set, so many different size bags to use. I use mine everyday and takes only minutes to pack away for travelling. This would make a great present for anyone.

  7. Rae (verified owner)

    I purchased this set for travel, but I’ve found it’s perfect for home as well! I’m thinking I should have purchased for our granddaughters as well!

  8. JosS (verified owner)

    I have been searching for something that can hold all my “bathroom stuff” this tics the mark for most! It is great for home and quick and easy for travel. Just have to make sure to use travel-sized shampoo and conditioner which is what the airports require now anyway! I will say a couple off my “everyday” makeup brushes are too tall but the travel size fit fantastic! Debating about getting one for my sister and mom as well!

  9. Pauletta Smith (verified owner)

    This is my 2nd set. I just can’t resist when they go on sale! Love the color, size, everything! These and Edna bags are my favorite. My craft room is full of TT organizers!

  10. Maria (verified owner)

    I was really excited to get this, but not even a month after purchasing, the large bag has huge holes where the handles attach. Soooo unhappy with it. All I stored in it were Sharpies markers. Had to go out and purchase a replacement. Really disappointed. Will not order anything similar again

    • Karen Slusher

      Maria – I’m so sorry you had a problem with your Cosmetic Organizer bag. Even if you’re storing craft supplies in it, there shouldn’t be any tearing. It sounds like a manufacturing defect, and we are happy to replace those items. Please contact for ANY issues or questions you might have with any of our products. I will be emailing you about this item.

  11. Sheila Lonergan

    Everyone of TT products are a big hit with me. I use these for yet more craft supplies…beads, jewelry making tools, wire, etc.

  12. darladpharr (verified owner)

    Love this bag for my planner supplies, it’s perfect on the go or at home planner tool storage.

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