7 Drawer Sparkle & Sprinkle Supply Case

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Stickles, inks, paints & sprays!

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7 Drawer Sparkle & Sprinkle Supply Case

Things for splashing, spraying and sprinkling are difficult to store.  The 7 Drawer Sparkle & Sprinkle Supply Case was designed to accommodate everything from Glitter Glues to Mists and Paints.  Seven perfect pullout drawers to stash and store loads of creative supplies.

The Stash & Store cases are the perfect place to organize and store all your bulky craft supplies. The cases have a handle at the top to lift and move the boxes to your work space as needed, but are not intended to be used as a tote.

To maximize your cube-style furniture, 3 Stash & Store boxes will fill one cube with “tons” of storage options!  Front to back, top to bottom, side to side storage – it doesn’t get more efficient than that!

Overall Dimensions: 4.25″ wide, 12.5″ tall and 14″ deep

Drawer dimensions:  Top 3 drawers are 1″ wide with 3″ height room, middle 2 drawers are 1.75″ wide with 3.5″ height room, bottom 2 drawers are 1.75″ wide with 5.25″ height room.

Visit Inky Fairy Designs video channel to learn why she loved this product for her cardmaking and coloring supplies.

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3 reviews for 7 Drawer Sparkle & Sprinkle Supply Case

  1. baccsurfs@hotmail.com (verified owner)

    I have two of these to store my ink refills, embossing powders, glitters, sprays and paints. The second one is empty at this point but I know I will get more of these products in the future and I am ready for them.

  2. shgseabaugh

    This was one of my first Totally-Tiffany purchases and I decided that I could totally trust the quality of the products I purchased after this came in. I had a couple of the Debra bags and was getting started with my Scraprack and I had been pleased with those items, but having tried cardboard items from other companies for storage in the past I was not so sure this would be up to par either. However, I wish that I had just gone ahead and purchased all three of the Supply Cases instead of just this one! It is very sturdy and I have been able to fit lots into it…embossing powders, glitter glue, glitter spray, and several other little jars that always got lost at the bottom of any container I have tried. I highly recommend this! It is on my wish list to purchase another one of these along with both of the other two supply cases.

  3. Laurie

    I’ve had these for several years now, and I love them when I bought them. However now the little shelves that the drawers said I have broken off and the drawers just pile on top of each other. Because it’s only cardboard the weight of my supplies in the drawers were too heavy. Even though I put in what was suggested. Like glitter glue and little scissors. I’m very disappointed I was hoping this would last a lifetime not just a few years.

    • Tiffany Spaulding

      Hi Laurie –
      I’m so sorry you’re not happy with the years that these lasted, unfortunately, the warranty on them has expired, but based on what you’re describing, I think there’s an easy fix. If you cut a thick piece of chipboard into strips about 1/2″ wide and 12″ long (maybe double, or triple layer the chipboard to make it even thicker)and glued the strips under the “shelves” – it would create a “rail” for your shelf to sit on, and you would get many more years out of these handy boxes. Does that make sense? T.

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