Perfect Six Pages – 10pk

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6 pockets per page.

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Perfect Six Pages – Organize Scrapbooking, Card-making & Photo Storage

The Perfect Six pages are ideal for holding your photos, stickers, die cuts, and so much more.

Each pocket can hold up to 6 photos, making this a great solution to “page-plan” for a 12×12″ album.

Our storage pages are unique in the Scrapbooking world because they are actually slightly larger than 12″x 12″. This means that you can easily fit papers and stickers into each of the appropriate pockets. Each of the pockets on the Basic Storage Pages has a crescent cut flap. This flap makes retrieving your items easy. If you’re working at home, tuck the flap behind the products. If you’re traveling, pull the flap over the top of the products to keep them safely tucked in their pockets. Our pages are made with a super strong food grade plastic. This plastic allows us to create a page that is lightweight but still offers maximum durability.

ScrapRack pages are acid free and will not yellow.

PAGE DIMENSIONS: 12.5″ x 12.5″

Pocket Dimensions:
Six pockets – 4″ x 6″

10 pages per package

SKU: P43
UPC: 855556000437

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23 reviews for Perfect Six Pages – 10pk

  1. 4Mickey

    Great for those mid-sized stickers and scrapping embellishments in my ScrapRack. Can see what you have from both sides. Love ScrapRack products. This review is from – Read it here.


    I filled over 30 spinders with embellishments and I used these Perfect six pages the most. The pocket size on this page, worked great for so many different items. And they are roomy enough, I could double up by putting items in the front and back of each pocket.

  3. Shawne (verified owner)

    My CTMH stamps fit great in these. Two C size stamps fit in one pocket and I store them in my Scraprack theme section, love them!

  4. Jill (verified owner)

    I love these pages! I used them with some Simple Stories “Snap” cards and other manufacturers who are adding pocket scrapping to their collections. These pages are also great for embellishments like “Paper Bliss”, Jolee’s , certain bling, and even some stamps. This is a good standard page to have on hand. I would order more than one set of 10.

  5. veronica

    Perfect for Jolee’s boutique size stickers. Actually so many fit this size, its my 3rd favorite page.

  6. rplayers (verified owner)

    Love the wide mouth on this pocket. Everything is easy to access.

  7. dreaminscrap (verified owner)

    These are wonderful pages to hold embellishments! Putting 2 items in each pocket back to back allows to see items on both sides of the page and they hold a lot! I also use these pages to hold ready to scrap pictures in a holding spinder, on my scrap rack. Whatever project that I am working on will be right at my finger tips!

  8. heidi_1031 (verified owner)

    I love the size of the pockets on this page; I like to put in a stamp set and the matching dies behind it and the set fits perfectly.

  9. Melanie (verified owner)

    One of my favorite pages! Helps me store many embellishments for my scrap rack! It also helps make holding albums for photos!

  10. (verified owner)

    Yet another TT page I just adore. I love being able to put several items in both front and back. Nice and sturdy as well. I will be needing more when I sort pictures!

  11. ERICA (verified owner)

    Aptly named Perfect Six is perfect for my stamp storage project. They perfectly fit my CTMH C-size stamps. Now I can quickly and easily find what I am looking for in a fraction of the storage space.

  12. purchasing (verified owner)

    This started out as my least favorite page but ohhh, have I changed my tune! This is the best page. I can put all sorts of things in these pockets and they don’t get all bendy. I’m using them mainly for ribbon right now.

  13. Adele (verified owner)

    I have found that the perfect six pages are a great size for embellishments I made with my cricut. These embellishments were too small for the 4 quarter sheet and I loved that I could 6 on one page, instead of 4.

  14. Alexandra (verified owner)

    I love these pages to hold my stamps!! they are perfect for my 6×4 stamp sets!! Please bring more back!!! I need more!!

  15. Susan Martin (verified owner)

    This is wonderful addition to my page choices.

  16. Lisa Clay (verified owner)

    I bought this for embossing folders but found it works great for stamps and stickers too.

  17. Michelle (verified owner)

    Based on the supplies that I am organizing, this is my favorite page right now. Perfectly fits sooo many of my sticker and alphabet sheets as well of other supplies.

  18. Laura DeLong (verified owner)

    There are so many possibilities with these pages. They are ideal for pictures and are also a wonderful addition to the ScrapRack.

  19. aihren77 (verified owner)

    I loved the 6 pocket page which is perfect for my paper flowers. Love being organized!

  20. Pamela Phillips (verified owner)

    These are great for pictures, stickers, flowers, lots of uses!

  21. Pamela Phillips (verified owner)

    These are going to be great for so many things: photos, photo mats, embellishments, flowers, the list could go on and on.

  22. Renelephant

    Well, I kind of feel dumb writing my review after reading all the others, but I don’t want to be ashamed either. I’m finding the file pockets of any size to be to me at a minimal cost. I don’t have a big craft space, but I do have enough supplies to where I could probably open up my own Walmart! LOL I’ve been searching for “stamp pad storage” forever and for 50+. I’m alone and a bit older. You know how we are with money lol. I finally decided to measure my pads against the pockets I do have and found a perfect match! I even considered the cost of the “Spinder Cover”, Spinder, Perfect 6 pages 10 pack with maybe a mixmaster 10k or the Fabulous 4 pages with the mixmaster 10 pack. Thinking the latter.

    Either way, I’m saving money, space etc. I do use my stamps often. However; flipping a page for me, is not a problem compared to going to one side of an area to another with no organization.

    Keep all of your comments coming. They are so inspiring to me. Thank you!

  23. HAVENOREGRETS (verified owner)

    Perfect for my color-coded small-medium embellishments (e.g. flowers, buttons, tags,small doilies,etc). Had to use washi tape to keep some of the items from falling out though. Keep heavier items in bottom sections. Used in Spinder Binder.

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