4 pack of Spinder Binder, Spinder Covers

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WARNING for California Residents only

This package includes 4 Spinder Covers (Spinders are NOT included.)
Spinder Covers are ideal for:
Thinning your ScrapRack
Storing products you don’t use often
Creating a holding album of Photos, Mementos, etc. for an album you are planning
Traveling with a project
The Spinder Cover is a simple, lightweight plastic cover that is designed to hold just one filled Spinder.   Spinder is NOT included.
There is one strip of hook fabric (Velcro) down the inside spine of the binder.
A single full zipper secures your products neatly inside the binder.
Each Spinder Binder has a labeling pocket on the outside spine and a webbing handle.
All ScrapRack brand pages and dividers fit in the Spinder Binder.
Exterior Dimensions: 16.5″ w x 15.25″ l x 2.75″ d

12 reviews for 4 pack of Spinder Binder, Spinder Covers

  1. (verified owner)

    Again, Tiffany has created a wonderful organizational binder – that easily travels with me for crops. I decide what theme/event to work on, choose the related spinders directly from my scraprack, load them into the spinder binder(s) and I’m off to scrap the weeekend away!!

  2. rlwtoo (verified owner)

    I really like these for cardmaking and scrapping on the go. I load my spinder binders to take with me. I appreciate the price break on purchasing four at once. They are all being used.

  3. TRUDIE BUSSE (verified owner)

    I just received these in time to pack some of my scrap-rack to go on my 3 day crop. What a magnificent product! I am so happy I can easily carry these along (good strong handles) with a lot of space. I am so in love with these I am definitely ordering more. Thank you for offering a 4-pack. Thank you Tiffany for being so passionate and clever with organization and generous with your time for classes as you have made my life with crafts lovable and livable again!

  4. (verified owner)

    I love these for making it easier to organize my themes. I had gotten the scraprack but was just not happy with the way my pages were fitting in. Probably user error I know but rather than be miserable, I got these spinder binders and used the spinders from the scraprack. Now I have a neat row of binders so I can just pull out the one I need.

  5. Traci (verified owner)

    I was pleasantly surprised at how many pages could fit in 1 binder. Like the portability of them too. Am buying more.

  6. gosspm (verified owner)

    I bought 12 to replace two of my scrapracks. I needed more room on my table, and I could place these on top of my book shelf. They may not fit on your bookshelf due to their height, so please measure to be sure. The cool thing is I only needed 8 because I could get more in one of these binders than I could get on a spinder on the scraprack. I love that they are portable, and you don’t need a dust cover. I also like that it frees up my table. The downside is that it’s not as convenient as the scraprack where you don’t have to open one binder at a time. I’m trying both the binders and scrapracks to see which works best. I put the spinders I use everyday on the scraprack and the ones like Christmas I put in the binder. I’m still not sure which I like best, but they do make your life much more organized.

  7. Cindy Loos (verified owner)

    I purchased this 4 pack and had it filled even before it arrived. Combined with the binders, these were perfect for storing my ribbons (I wrapped them around cardboard cut to fit). Seeing the ribbons on the cardboard showed just how much I had – got rid of all those bulky spools in different sizes. I have ALL my ribbon on 3 spinders!

  8. Susan Archibald Debourguignon (verified owner)

    love, love, love these! i bought extra spinders to move off and on my double scraprack because i can’t expand it further. i use these for travel and protection.

  9. Susan Archibald (verified owner)

    love, love, love these! i bought extra spinders to move off and on my double scraprack because i can’t expand it further. i use these for travel and protection.

  10. Veronica Baker (verified owner)

    I love having my themes in these on a book case. I just pull when working on, place in rack, then return when done. Especially love for Holidays. Extra spinders are great for expanding rack too without using the table space. Just make sure your bookcase can hold the size before ordering…

  11. Kathryn Hayward (verified owner)

    Love Spinder Binders! Thanks for the economical bundle of 4. I am determined to move from “need to sort” to R2S! Thanks!

  12. Kristin Christenson (verified owner)

    Love the scraprack system for my rainbow section, but I use the spinder binders for my themes. I need about 5 more of these!!

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