3 pack Stamp Store and Go Bag, Double-Sided

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WARNING for California Residents only

This is a set of 3 Double-Sided Stamp Store and Go Bags.

One of our best sellers and for good reason!
Simplify your wood-mounted stamp storage and organization by creating a library of stamps.
Once your stamps are loaded into the trays, you can stand these bags vertically on a shelf.
The outer bag is crystal clear so you can easily see all your stamps.
Use your label maker to label the top or side of the bag and you’ll be able to find your stamps in seconds.
Watch the video to learn all of the tips and tricks for this product.

Interior trays are 8.5″ x 11″


18 reviews for 3 pack Stamp Store and Go Bag, Double-Sided

  1. Cheerioskid

    I love these storage packs. I have organized all my wooden/rubber stamps in these. I also have my acrylic paints all in them. I have them on their sides and therefore able to read all labels and see the colors. I grab the ones I need to take to a class or go paint with a friend. I also used them to organize my sewing threads. Easily shows what I have or need to get.Love them! This review is from HSN.com – read it there.

  2. Karin Burns (verified owner)

    Love,love love these. Just,grab them and go. And they even stand. Already have 9 and sure there will be more on the way

  3. hldrnss (verified owner)

    I LOVE these bags! Took shelves full of wooden mounted rubber stamps and combined and conquered! Have filled up 8 of them!!

  4. Cheryl (verified owner)

    Love them at Grandma’s house each grandchild has their own coloring book/paper on one side while keeping the pencils/crayons/markers from rolling away with the pull out tray on the opposite side. And everyone has their own that they can be responsible for!

  5. Kim Barone

    The Best Storage I’ve ever used. Simple, sturdy and holds ALOT of stamps in view. I’ve been buying Totally Tiffany for years and her organizing products and tips are the best in the biz. Don’t hesitate. Worth every penny!!!

  6. Sandra (verified owner)

    Who would have thought these would be so useful, sturdy and attractive all lined up on the shelf. I usually buy my stamps in sets with their own handy contains but when I started to organize I found dozens of loose, single stamps.
    These double sided storage bags hold A LOT of wood mounted stamps! They are clear so you can see the stamp images. There are 2 trays in separate, back-to-back sections. The handle is great for carrying the container to class or just moving around in your craft room.
    Great for other things like the small jars of embossing powder, small ink spot ink pads, etc. I already have 6 double s and plan to get more as I find more loose stamps.

  7. Monica Willis (verified owner)

    I consolidated 6 shelves of wood stamps into these double sided bags. I purged, printed & purchased. They fit great standing upright in a cupboard.

  8. Jan (verified owner)

    I love, love, love these. All my wooden stamps are on trays stacked high. I have remove them all the time as the stamps I want as always in the bottom tray. I will be getting more of these.

  9. Amy Hanschen (verified owner)

    I ordered the set of three and love them! I don’t have lots of stamps, but the sentiment stamps were always the hardest to corral, especially if I remove them from their original set, so one of my bags has those. So great to see what I have!! I use another bag to hold my gelatos and water coloring supplies for travel. So easy to take now! I haven’t decided how I want to use the third bag yet – considering stamps, planner supplies, Bible journaling supplies, stencils, tools and adhesives for traveling to crops, expos, etc. so many good uses! I may need more!

  10. Janet (verified owner)

    I love these for my mounted stamps. Takes a lot less room than the themed drawers I had them in and more portable.

  11. Barbara (verified owner)

    These bags are amazing for more than just stamps and punches. I do other. Crafts than scrap booking and I can store individual project them then just pick up a bag and go: embroidery, knitting, flower making, dollhouse miniature projects, beading projects and on and on

  12. Jennifer (verified owner)

    I have started organizing my rubber stamps with these. My Aunt passed away a while ago and my Uncle passed all of her card making supplies on to me. She had a lot of wooden stamps on two homemade storage shelves about 3 feet wide and 7 feet tall. I decided to organize them this way hoping I would use them more because I would know what she had and free up some space. I’m already at 100 stamps and still haven’t dented them. I have also decided I am a craft supply horder. Thank you for all of your tips its really helping me get this together. Love your systems!

  13. Beverly Lewis

    Love them, Ordered from Home Shoppers during craft day and will plan to order. I can locate stamps at a glance. This is a great system for me to empty drawers and actually use my wood block stamps Thanks

  14. Susan Drago (verified owner)

    These are great. I’ve drastically reduced my wood stamp storage space!

  15. Joyce Moore (verified owner)

    I am changing my stamp storage to these stamp store and go bags because they fit vertically on my shelves and take up less space. They also are ready to go when I attend crops. They’re sturdy and clear. Everything I need! Thank you for this awesome product!

  16. Debbie (verified owner)

    Very pleased with my 3-pack Stamp Store and Go Double-Sided Bags. I have lots of wooden stamps that I’d found difficult to store and find, or simply forgot that I owned, because they were in so many different boxes. I’m in the process of sorting them by theme, cataloging them and then storing them in these bags on my shelf like books. They take up much less room that way and it’s easier to locate just the one I want by referring to my new index. Glad that I took another scrapbooker’s advice as to trying Totally-Tiffany organizers!

  17. Leslie Zinn

    I’ve lost count of how many of these double sided bags I own. I use them for so many things besides wooden stamps. I house my Heartfelt Creation Stamp and Die sets in them. I use them for project boxes to hold all the supplies I need for an ongoing project. I keep my beatifull handmade paper flowers in them. I have one with my Art Institute Water color supplies including a filled up flippin page to hold the tiny stamps. I keep buying them when they are on sale just to have on hand as I’m constantly running out of them. These are my most oft used TT product – love them!

  18. Karen

    I have been watching to buy the 3 pack for more than a month. You claim they are on sale for for $40.50 but never in stock. However, I can endlessly buy many single packs. I believe this is false advertising and don’t appreciate it.

    • Tiffany Spaulding

      Hi Karen –
      Thanks so much for brining this to my attention. You are right, if they are available in singles we should have them in the 3 pack bundle. I’m not sure why the website isn’t pulling them into the “Bundle” of 3. I’ll ask Karen to remedy this asap. Have you purchased the singles? If so, please let me know how many and we will credit your account. Thanks again for letting me know. T.

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