12×12 Craft Supply Storage Binder

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12×12 Storage Binder

This 12×12 Storage Binder is a simple, lightweight, zippered binder, that is perfect for craft supply storage.  The binder includes a 3-ring mechanism (spinder) that is removable.

A single, full zipper secures your products neatly inside the binder.  Each binder includes a label pocket on the outside spine and a webbing handle.

All ScrapRack brand pages and dividers fit in the 12×12 Storage Binder.  Click here to shop for pages and dividers.

The 12×12 Storage Binder is ideal for:

  • Organizing your craft supplies by theme, holiday, event, or color
  • Storing your unmounted, acrylic or red rubber stamps.
  • Holding your organized embossing folders.
  • Keeping your card making supplies.
  • Storing your stencils – all sizes will fit in ScrapRack Storage Pages.
  • Thinning your ScrapRack
  • Storing products you don’t use often
  • Creating a holding album of Photos, Mementos, etc. for an album you are planning
  • Traveling with a project
  • Creating a supply catalog

Exterior Dimensions:  16.5″ x 15.25″ x 2.5″

See more uses for this 12×12 Binder on our Pinterest Spinder Binder Board.

UPC:  707129212726

18 reviews for 12×12 Craft Supply Storage Binder

  1. dlevel

    Love, love, love these. I have them filled by color with all my scraprack pages filled with ribbons, attachments, bling, etc. You name it and it’s all there and organized by color (because my expanded scraprack is too full)! I just pull out the binder with the color I’m trying to match and flip the pages. And if I have a big project, I can put almost everything in it to keep things together. I bought a whole case of them!

  2. obrientx@att.net (verified owner)

    I am so impressed with how Tiffany thinks
    outside the box and brings us an organizing
    SYSTEM. The spinder binder plus spinder is just another example of a well thought out and
    practical product. We spend time getting our
    spinders organized and where do you put
    them when you don’t have room for more
    racks? How do we keep them safe and tidy?
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SPINDER BINDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The spinder binder plus spinder is a winner…
    try just one and you’ll want more!

  3. Ramona Gaston (verified owner)

    I have 3 of these and I love them. I keep my stencils in one. All I have to do is flip through to see the stencils that I have and may want to use. The other 2 are used in conjunction with Tiffany’s Clear Stamp Storage Trays. I store all my clear stamps in these binders. Each page is numbered and each stamp set or single stamp is also numbered. I catalogued these by her method, (See the free videos available on Tiffany’s awesome supply organization). So I can find any stamp and will be able to use the stamps I have and never forget I have them. These binders are strong and have a good handle and zipper. They are also supplied with a place on the spine to label the contents. I highly recommend this product.

  4. jculver8

    Love my spinder binder!! Everyone has already said it all. Thanks Tiffany.

  5. Connie (verified owner)

    The Spinder Binder is great for storing my Kiwi Lane templates making them portable for retreats! Great product Tiffany!!

  6. tiaporti@yahoo.com

    I just have one spinder binder and it is holding my clear stamps all numbered to correspond with my catalog. I’m longing for a
    couple more when they are back in stock. Thanks Tiffany!Great product!

    • Tiffany Spaulding

      So glad you love this product. They’ll be back in at the end of July.

  7. Gloria Ebert

    Love the product. Have been trying to purchase another Spinder Binder for the past three months and am getting frustrated because it is always out of stock. Would you kindly let me know when it will be back in stock? Thank you.

    • Tiffany Spaulding

      Yes, the Spinder Binders will be arriving around the first of August. Watch your email for more updates.
      So Sorry for the delay, we completely underestimated the popularity of this product.

  8. Shirley Avalos (verified owner)

    A must for those of us who travel to crops. Keeps everything needed together and so easy to switch out the spinder.

  9. Susan Gage (verified owner)

    Love this binder. I store my templates & stencils in this binder. I was storing them in a photo binder prior to purchasing this. This binder is so much better, because it is more portable & I like that it is a see-thru. Will soon be purchasing more!

  10. Shelley Anselmi (verified owner)

    This product is fantastic! I have begun organizing my embellishments in spinder binders by theme and color (Tiffany’s Get Organized Challenge helped me make a great theme and color list). For example, when I am looking for green glitter or buttons or bling, I just go to the green section of my binder and there they are. So much easier than hunting through drawers, cabinets, and boxes. I do not have space for a ScrapRack but the spinder binders and pages work great. It zips closed and is very sturdy – mine are stuffed. One arrived damaged, but Totally Tiffany replaced it right away, so their customer service is excellent, too!

  11. Joi Foster (verified owner)

    The Spinder Binder fit all of me loose scraprack pages-about 50. I just wish they were sold at my local Joann’s store so I did not have to wait for the delivery.

  12. Kristin Christenson

    The spinder binder is my favorite TT product! I keep my themes in them. They keep everything in one place!

  13. Deb (verified owner)

    This is perfect for storing my embossing folders in the flippin’ pages. I had them in the scraprack but I like them stored in these much better.

  14. dorindacrim (verified owner)

    I got this to start sorting my colored items into one place. I love how it holds a good amount of pages and now I can see what I have as far as my colored items goes it makes everything so much easier to find items and now I am basically packed when it comes time to go to a crop.

  15. onejoyfulheart (verified owner)

    I love these binders! I ordered two and after receiving them I ordered three more. I don’t have room for a ScrapRack so I am using these instead. I’m using one for themes, and will likely expand to more binders as it grows. The second one is for warm colors, and the third is cool colors. My fourth binder is for multicolor and the last is a project binder. They are really helping me clean up my art studio.

  16. Jenny McGee (verified owner)

    The craft binder is very durable and large. It fits many pages. I enjoy using it.

  17. Laura DeLong (verified owner)

    This set is a good start toward getting things sorted into the binders.

  18. Pamela Phillips (verified owner)

    Love the concept of how to use this. I will put projects in it to take to retreats. So fun to be organized!

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