Super-Sized Single Pages – 10pk

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Perfect for all things 12×12

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Super-Sized Single Pages

Our “bigger is better” page! The Super-Sized Single pages have one large pocket designed to hold any of your 12″ x 12″ supplies.

Our storage pages are unique in the Scrapbooking world because they are actually slightly larger than 12″x 12″. This means that you can easily fit papers and stickers into each of the appropriate pockets. Each of the pockets on the ScrapRack Basic Storage Pages has a crescent cut flap. This flap makes retrieving your items easy. If you’re working at home, tuck the flap behind the products. If you’re traveling, pull the flap over the top of the products to keep them safely tucked in their pockets. Our pages are made with a super strong food grade plastic. This plastic allows us to create a page that is lightweight but still offers maximum durability.

ScrapRack pages are acid free and will not yellow.
Each Super-Sized Single page easily holds 10 – 20 sheets of paper.
10 storage pages per pack.  A value pack of 50 Super-Sized Singles is also available – click here
POCKET DIMENSIONS:  12.5″ x 12.5″

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HSN: 399876

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17 reviews for Super-Sized Single Pages – 10pk

  1. semlex

    Perfect item for storing my 12×12 cardstock and designer paper. Enough pockets in a set to separate by color and theme. I actually had to order an additional packet set and got it within a couple of days!!

    I now have my paper visible and handy!! – This review is from – Read it here.


    Great for papers. But I also have other items in mine. Such as sticker sheets that are too wide for the other page pocket holders.

  3. rplayers (verified owner)

    While working on scrspbook page that is not finished I use this page to keep it intact until I am ready to finish it.

  4. egbrown74

    You can never have too many of these. They are especially useful for oversize items that just don’t fit anywhere else. They’re also helpful for storing ongoing projects or taking your project with you.

  5. lrlumpkin (verified owner)

    My ScrapRack is set up using these Super-Sized single pages for my small Scrapbook kits. If there are a lot of heavy embellishments in the kits, I use a facing page with smaller compartments for the embellishments. The Single Pages are also convenient for grouping small amounts of paper, such as Holiday or a special event. Love them!

  6. Julie Fitman (verified owner)

    Absolutely love the scrap rack!! I have been using it for years. I took one of Tiffany’s organization classes at a vendor fair years ago and I have been hooked since. The 12×12 pages are perfect for my layouts, and to organize other 12×12 papers. I can’t ever seen to have enough. My only wish is that there was some way to keep the flaps closed as they sometimes open when turning the pages and become wrinkled if they don’t stay closed. Other than that, I love the products. (I get all kinds of people asking me about the scrap rack at scrapbook events. At least 4 people that I know of have become hooked as well!)

  7. Jenniferwhitworth2 (verified owner)

    WOW!I feel you can never have enough super-size single pages. I love them.

  8. Maria Naso (verified owner)

    I love these Super-Sized Singe pages. I use them for my 12 x 12 scrapbook paper. I also use them for other items such as stickers, templates, dies, etc.

  9. Robin Moody (verified owner)

    These are great to store your finished pages in when you are at a retreat so they don’t get messed up before you can get home and put them in your album. Also great for organizing paper and matching embellishments. I can think of many uses for Super-Sized Single pages.

  10. Jan (verified owner)

    Thought I got too many of these but I then I will find a use for them.

  11. Susan Gage (verified owner)

    Love these. I store themed papers in these pages in my scrap rack. I’ve also used these pages in my template binder.

  12. Shelley Anselmi

    Perfect for page planning! My friend and I have been getting “cutouts” (die cuts) and putting together page kits ready to take to crops. These are so much stronger than clear plastic that kits usually come in, so they are good for storing themed pages together as well. Once I put together my layouts, I can keep my designs in here (until my photos arrive) or re-use them for future kits/pages. They are slightly larger than 12×12, so those pages with design labels fit in here easily.

  13. Kristin Christenson

    I use this sized page for specialty papers and I want to keep with matching embellishments, sticker pages that are too big for the other pages and completed layouts.

  14. Pamela Phillips (verified owner)

    When I finish my paper organizing I’ll probably need more of these! So many different uses.

  15. Betty Tanner (verified owner)

    I love these. Use to store unfinished scrapbook pages, 12×12 papers, and now for gifting with scrapbooking supplies to customers and friends. Works great!!!

  16. Jean Harvey-Clark

    I use these for specialty paper, large sticker sheets and my Lea France stencils. I always make sure that I have extras on hand. I would hate to run out.

  17. Kelly Dannemann (verified owner)

    After 3 week shipping yime finally got them to find out they are not as describe, mine 100 pages were 12.5 x 13.5, they claim they are 13 x 13.25 mine were not, my paper packs did not fit.

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