Tabs, Labels, Pockets & Dividers – fine tune your organization system

5x7, 6x6, 8x8, 8.5x11, A4, 12x12 ...- the perfect sizes for organizing your craft supplies.

You may own 1 or 2 of our products that come preloaded with tabbed pockets, labels or dividers.  But did you know you can purchase these items separately?

Here's a quick breakdown of the sizes and how, where, and why you should use them.


Tabbed dividers will give you a quick reference point in a binder, paper storage box or your ScrapRack.  There are 2 different sizes of dividers available, the 5 tab configuration and the 10 tab configuration.

This set of 10 tabbed dividers was originally designed to work with our Classic Paper Storage Boxes.  The tabs are placed on the edge of the dividers so they will protrude over the front of the Paper Storage Box.  They're also aligned so you can flip one set of 5 tabs, and create a set of 10 tabs that will run from top to bottom if you turn a Paper Storage Box on its side. Our Small Shut Your Flap tabs are the perfect size for labeling these dividers.

The set of 5 tabbed dividers is slightly oversized and designed to help you categorize your ScrapRack or 12x12 Craft Binder.

You can label these dividers with our Large Shut Your Flap Tabs - I like this method because it is easy to change the labels as your categories change. Tabs can also be labeled using a permanent marker or you can use your label maker, for tabs you know will stay permanently - like the rainbow section.

Tabbed Divider Pockets

One of the best uses for tabbed divider pockets is keeping your scraps with your paper.  Tabbed divider pockets come in 5x7, 6x6, 8x8, A4/8.5x11 and 12x12.  They are interchangeable with so many of your organization products.

12x12 Tabbed Divider Pockets - set of 5

These are included in the 12x12 Fab File but can also be purchased separately.  Plus, because they are standard 12x12, they will also fit in our Paper Storage Boxes or the 12x12 Paper Handler.

Ideal for scraps and also for adding a layer of protection to delicate papers, glitter, vellum or other embellished papers.

A4/8.5x11 Tabbed Divider Pockets

These come in both a vertical (for use with the Paper Handler) and horizontal (for use with the Fab File) orientation.

The standard sizing on these gives them the flexibility to work with craft supplies AND standard office supplies.  They're designed to accommodate both A4 and 8.5x11.  If you purchase the UK crafting publications, you're going to love these pockets.  They're long enough for A4 paper, but they will also hold the large stamp sets that are so often included with the UK magazines.

6x6 and 8x8 Tabbed Divider Pockets

These pockets present a simple solution for labeling your paper as well as scrap storage.  They're also ideal for storing project pieces while you're creating 6x6 or 8x8 albums or cards.

6x6 pockets are included with 6x6 Fab File and are also included with the 6x6 Paper Handler Combo Pack.  Of course, they can be purchased separately as well.

8x8 pockets are included with the 8x8 Fab File and sold separately.

Both of these pocket sizes can be used to store Stencils, unmounted stamps and die sets too.

5x7 Pockets - set of 5

These were originally introduced as part of the Crazy for Card Making set and were designed for unmounted/acrylic stamps.

These little pockets are a favorite among paper crafters because their size is so versatile.

How can you use the 5x7 Stamp Pockets?



Planner supplies


Which T-T products can be used with the 5x7 Stamp Pockets?

5x7 Fab File

This Fab File will accommodate 15-20 Stamp Pockets.

The Karen Buddy Bag

This bag will also hold 15-20 Stamp Pockets.

Labeling Tabs

Our bright colored Shut Your Flap Tabs come in 2 sizes.  They were designed to add a little weight to the flaps on your ScrapRack Storage pages, to force the flaps down so they wouldn't get bent.  They also make it a little bit easier to actually find the clear flap. The SYF tab gives you something to grab on to and lift the flap.

It was quite a happy accident, that the small SYF tabs were the perfect size for labeling the tabs on our Paper Storage Box Dividers, Paper Pockets, and Collection Keepers.

The Large SYF tabs are the perfect size for labeling 12x12 Tabbed Divider Pockets, ScrapRack Dividers, and the A4/8.5x11 Tabbed Divider Pockets too!

I also use these tabs to create tabs where ever they're needed - I even used them to label each of the embossing folders in 4x6 Fab File.

Tabs, labels, dividers, and pockets can be used all over your craft room. They're perfect for finding things quickly and in the case of pockets, can also double as storage.

Thanks for stopping by today to learn a little bit about the huge number of options that are available for fine-tuning your organization system.


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  1. I am trying to find a 5X7 pocket with a tab that I can put my die cuts, thinlits and edgelits in. Can you please let me know where I could find this?

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