Planner Supply Organizers

Keeping your planner supplies organized is easy when you have the right tools.  Click on the images below to view larger. To learn more about each product name, click the name, to learn about the product group click the brand name.  For a list of blog posts and videos - scroll to the bottom of this page.

Ditto Tool Tote - if you take your planner supplies from room to room, or to work each day, this is the perfect solution.


Die, Stamp & Supply Organizer - ideal if you've got space on your desk top or in your craft cart. Easy access to all of your planner supplies.

Desk Maid

Pen & Ink Palace - turned on its back - this compact, staggered organizer reduces space and maximizes visibility. Watch a quick video about this.

Desk Maid

8.5 x 11 Fab File is ideal for storing your refill sheets and note sheets for standard size planners.

Fab Files

8x8 Fab File works well with 9.25"x 7" planner pages. Store refills, note sheets, sticker sheets and more.

Fab Files

Traveling with your planner supplies? The 1.5" Punch Pack or the 2" Punch Pack both work well when traveling with planner supplies. The Debra Pen Holder Buddy Bag, will easily fit inside the 2" Punch Pack.

Our Companion Cart is soooo versatile. Load it with planner supplies for easy access.

Metal Maid

Have a WeR Planner Punch, but not sure how to keep it all together? Try the Sue Buddy Bag.  Roomy enough for the base, punches and instruction sheet.

Organize sticky notes, page refills, stickers and more - our 5x7, 8x8 or 8.5x11 pockets are perfect for planner supplies.

The Debra Buddy Bag is perfect for keeping your planner pens & markers with the rest of your supplies.  The Debra will tuck into a Ditto Tool bag, a Die, Stamp & Supply Organizer or the 2" Punch Pack.

Do you have washi tape you only use with your planner?  Keep things together you use together - put your planner washi  tape in a Shelly Buddy Bag - you'll love being able to see it easily.

The Desk Maid Tool Tower is the perfect place to contain your pens, pencils, markers, Gelattos...all of the small tools you want to have at your fingertips when you're planning.

Desk Maid

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