Perfect Project Life Card Organizer

Project Life and other "card based" scrapbooking systems can be a fast, fun, and easy way to create amazing scrapbook pages.  With that said, the cards themselves can easily get overwhelming with some sets containing as many as 300 cards.

Keep your Project Life collection manageable and fun by organizing the cards into the Monica Buddy Bag.

Project LIfe cards organization system

Stack your Project Life cards by collection, using the large cards to separate one collection from the next.

I was able to get 3 collections into 1 Monica Buddy Bag using this system.

I added a one of our Large Shut Your Flap tabs to label each section so I could easily find the collection I wanted to use.

Use our Large Shut Your Flap tabs to label your collections.
Labels are easy to read through the clear buddy bag.

I also added Large Shut Your Flap label tabs to the end of my Monica bag.

These end labels allow me to put the Monica bag on the shelf with the end facing out - I can better maximize my shelf space that way AND still see what's in the Monica bag.

Project LIfe card organized using the Monica Buddy Bag with end labels.

Seeing your supplies AND being able to get to them easily are two of the keys to enjoying your crafting time.  One of the biggest benefits to the Monica Buddy Bag is it's "one-hand" size.  It's easy to pull off the shelf and carry to your work space, and equally easy to put away.

How are you using our Monica Buddy Bag? I'd love to hear your ideas and share them with my readers.  Please do post them up on our Facebook Group or email your ideas to me directly -

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Why are Shut Your Flap Tabs better than regular paper "sticky notes?" Because SYF Tabs are made of plastic, they don't get creased and folded over.  Even if they "bend" over when you close the lid, when you open the lid, they pop back up straight so you can always read them.

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