Organizing photos – store, share or scrap.

Organizing Photos is easy with our Fab Files.
Organizing Photos is easy with our Fab Files.

Organizing photos is no different than any other type of organization we’ve discussed.  It all starts in your head and them moves into the real world.

Whether your organizing photos for storing, sharing or scrapbooking the steps are all the same.

  1. Organize chronologically.
  2. Sort into groups by event.
  3. Include notes and information with photos.
  4. Label storage containers appropriately.

Here are 3 examples all using our 4×6 and 5×7 Fab Files.

General Storage

If you’ve just got piles of photos and you need to get them under control, simply putting things in chronological order is the best way to go.

Photo Organization can be easy with the right tools. Fab Files are a great choice.
Photo Organization can be easy with the right tools. Fab Files are a great choice.

Organizing Photos to Share

Are you getting ready to head for a family or class reunion this summer?  Are you having friends and family over for a Fourth of July celebration or some other celebration?  Photographs are fun to share and passing around physical photos is much more fun than passing around someone’s cell phone. Consider filling a Fab File of photos for each family or group that will be coming to your event.  It’s the perfect Memento to send home with them. After the event you can print and send a few more photos they can add to their box. This works especially well with Family Reunion/Class Reunion type events.

Organizing Photos for Scrapbooking

This is the most detailed system of organizing.  The goal here is to sort and store images by layout.  There are a couple of things that will really help.

First – Decide how many photos you will use on a 12×12 layout (or whatever size your are working with) – my number is 6. Yours may be larger or smaller, this is just a guide to help your brain make fast decisions.  Write this down and post it where you can see it when you’re sorting.

Second – Before you even start sorting photos of a particular event, decide how many layouts you will do for that event.  Again, this is a guide.   The easiest way to do this for larger events – like a trip to Disneyland, is to write a quick list of the layouts you want to include and the number of pages you want to do of each event i.e.

  • Rides – 4 pages = 24 photos
  • Characters – 4 pages = 24 photos
  • Parade – 2 pages = 12 photos
  • Fireworks – 2 pages = 12
  • Trip Snapshots – 2 pages = 12 photos
    I generally have a double page spread at the end of ay major layout group as a way to include pictures that don’t fit within the defined layouts.

Third – Put your photos into a storage container. Include your notes on how many layouts and what events.  If you have additional pictures stored elsewhere you could include those notes as well.

I’ve used a 5×7 Fab File so I could include some larger post cards I bought at Disney.

Use our Fab Files to organize your photos by event. You can even decorate your Fab File box.
Use our Fab Files to organize your photos by event. You can even decorate your Fab File box.

Tip: Don’t store thousands of photos together in large boxes.  Choose a container that is small enough to easily bring to your work space or take to an event.  Large containers of photos create a sense of overwhelm and can be distracting.  Think in terms of “projects” when you’re organizing for scrapbooking.

Shop for the Fab Files you need now.

4 Responses to Organizing photos – store, share or scrap.

  1. Where were you Totally Tiffany in 2002 when I got myself into this predicament?
    But your here now and that’s what’s making the difference today and all my tomorrow’s.
    Thank You

    • Thanks Hazel – I’m glad you’re with us.
      We do have a running joke around the craft table that there should be a law about taking an organization class BEFORE you’re allowed to start crafting. 🙂

  2. Ugh I have too many pictures. One time I thought it was a great idea to do it by child now I have no clue where all the pictures are for the same event. Help

    • Donna – thanks for sharing your sorting story. As you’ve learned its best to keep everything organized chronologically until you’re ready to actually Scrap it. My advice is to just start moving forward a little at a time. Grab a stack of pictures and organize them chronologically. Label the box/files, etc. When you have a few more minutes grab another stack and do the same. You may have big gaps in your timeline initially, try not to worry about it, just keep moving forward. I’m going to talk a little about this during the Get Organized Challenge tomorrow (6-21-2016). Thanks for taking the time to post your comment, without it I certainly would have forgotten to talk about this tomorrow.

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