Organize your photos by major event and smaller activities – the Monica solution

Just the thought of organizing your photos can be overwhelming.  Keeping your photos grouped in manageable, small collections can make it easier to find what you need and more fun to create scrapbook pages you love.

The Monica Buddy Bag is a perfect size for storing photos from a major event, grouped into smaller activities.

In the images below, I organized all of the photos from a family trip to Moab.

Organize photos by major event smaller activities

All of the photos in the pile are from the trip.  Each "activity" is wrapped in a separate sheet of colored paper.  I can use these sheets of paper to add journaling notes to the activities.

I can stand the Monica bag on end and see each of the colored bundles of photos like little "books" on a shelf.  Writing the name and date of each activity gives a title to each bundle and makes it even easier for me to choose exactly the bundle I want to work with.

It's fast and easy to choose a scrapbooking project.  I also avoid being overwhelmed by looking at too many pictures.

Organized by activity in chronological order.

The Monica Buddy Bag was originally designed for organizing and storing ink pads, but her 4x6" size makes her a natural storage tool for photos, too.

How are you using your Monica Buddy Bag?  I'd love to hear/see your ideas.  Please do post them to our FB Group, or email me directly -

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